Leh Ladakh Bike Trip Packages – The Bike Trip Of A Lifetime

A bike trip to Leh Ladakh is the ultimate way to experience the best of northern India and its amazing natural beauty, culture, and people. At Leh Ladakh Bike Trip Packages, we’ll take care of all the logistics of planning your trip and make sure you have the best time of your life riding through the Himalayas!

What are the best places to go on bike trips in India?

India is one of the most diverse countries in Asia and has enough terrain to make sure any avid biker stays busy for many years. All over India, it’s possible to find great destinations for both downhill and cross-country biking. If you want some inspiration, here are three places where I recommend getting on your bike in India: Leh–Ladakh, Narkanda–Shimla and Coorg. Add these destinations to your bucket list today!

What is it like to ride a motorbike across India?

Motorbiking across India was by far one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. I can honestly say that riding through deserts, rocky landscapes, and steep mountains was unforgettable. Not only is it an incredible experience as it is, but you are also able to see parts of India that tourists rarely get to see. Once you decide on taking a motorbike ride through India you’ll have to choose your route and make sure to plan accordingly. It took me about 6 weeks total for just over 5500 kilometers but I could have easily done it in 3 weeks if I were more focused on time than adventure!

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip With BanBanjara Travels

Of course, we can help. We have crafted some amazing Leh Ladakh Bike Trip Packages just for you! Our tours are customized and can be set up to meet your requirements. Whether you’re looking for an organized motorbike tour or just want to rent a motorcycle and hit the road on your own terms, we’ve got you covered. No matter which package you choose, we will help ensure that you have an incredible time!

Do you need an international driving license for motorcycles in India?

​Many international travelers wonder if they need an international driving license for Indian motorcycles. And, given how confusing and inefficient Indian bureaucracy can be, it’s understandable why you might feel that you do indeed need an international driving license to get your motorcycle running in India. But what is an international driving license? And do you actually need one? In short: no, you don’t need an international driving license for Indian motorcycles. Most states issue national driver licenses which are valid anywhere in India; even in other Indian states.

How do I find other people to join me on my Indian bike tour?

One of the best ways to find other people to join you on your bicycle tour is through online forums. Check out forums dedicated to biking in India such as indiancycling.in and discuss your plans with other cyclists. Another great way to find other bikers in India is through social media, particularly Facebook groups. Join Facebook groups such as Backpackers in Northern India or Cycling Tourists in India and post that you’re looking for others to join you on a tour. If none of these options work for you, try asking around among friends and family who may have an interest in joining you on your bike tour! Also check out sites like Couchsurfing and Warm Showers that connect travelers all over Asia!

How do I get my motorcycle permit to drive in India?

In order to drive a motorbike in India, you need to apply for an International Driving Permit and an Indian National Driving Permit. You should also register your vehicle with the RTO (Regional Transport Office). Our post explains how to get these two permits and register your motorcycle. After receiving your two permits, attach them on either side of your license copy so that they don’t get lost. If you still want more information, take a look at our follow-up post which has additional details.

How do I get the best motorcycles for my Indian bike tour?

Deciding which motorcycles to take on your bike tour is usually an easy choice, but there are a few factors you might want to consider. First off, make sure you rent bikes that will give you plenty of power for navigating hills. You should also make sure that both engines and suspensions are in top-notch condition before you start your journey. After that, just decide what type of terrain you’re going to be riding over most often—paved roads or gravel—and pick bikes accordingly. If you’re doing any mountain biking during your Indian motorcycle tour, we’d recommend switching to different machines as soon as possible; although touring motorcycles can handle some dirt roads fairly well (especially if they have automatic transmissions), their suspensions aren’t nearly as smooth or nimble.

What should be included in a motorcycle touring package?

A motorcycle touring package will be different for each person, but there are some things that should always be included. If you’re going to be traveling on your own, then you should take at least one local guide with you. A biking tour isn’t really a biking tour without someone to show you around and tell you stories about what’s happening in your surroundings. In many cases, companies will provide guides that speak multiple languages or are familiar with foreign cultures and customs.

When is the best time of year to take an Indian motorcycle tour?

While it is possible to ride motorcycles throughout India, some parts are best visited during specific seasons. For example, if you plan on visiting Ladakh or a part of Rajasthan in winter (November to March), you should have experience riding in extreme conditions, because temperatures can drop to as low as zero degrees Fahrenheit. On top of that, there will be very few amenities for miles around.

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