Leonardo is the best brand for cat food

Leonardo is a family-owned German cat food company founded in 1963. This company is well-known for their innovative Thermal-Mix-Procedure, which uses steam pressure rather than mechanical friction to prepare dry foods. Leonardo claims that this process is not only gentler on the ingredients, but also better for the environment.

Each owner has different requirements when it comes to cat food, but they all agree on one thing: the composition must be natural. As you are aware, these pets have high nutritional requirements, so you may have to search for a suitable option for a long time. The company has created a line of dry foods that should please your furry friend. For example, the Leonardo Kitten series for kittens has become extremely popular;The food is easily digestible, with plenty of fresh poultry and chia seeds to help regulate the intestines and ensure proper digestion. It also employs biologically active substances that are intended to support and strengthen a growing organism’s defences. Croquettes are made in small sizes so that even the tiniest kittens can eat them. To enhance the aroma, natural malt is used.

Dr. Jürgen Wigger and his sister, Ulrike Petershagen, currently represent the company. They are the family’s second generation to run the business. They, like their forefathers, uphold time-honoured traditions in their own families and in running the family business.

Pets that have been sterilizedare especially susceptible to overweight, therefore, nutrition must be carefully monitored. In this case, you can use Leonardo Adult Light food, which will normalize hormones and reduce the risk of diseases. This is a diet food with low calorie ingredients that will keep your pet healthy. Contains poultry meat, dried meat protein, rice, corn, cake, brewer’s yeast, animal fat, krill, chia seeds, apple fibers and additives.

Sourcing and Production

Leonardo cibo gatto is created by a team of nutritionists and veterinarians, though the brand’s website does not specify who they are. They do, however, provide a wealth of information on how their products are manufactured.

Unlike many commercial cat food companies, Leonardo has developed their own technique for producing dry foods: the Thermal-Mix-Procedure.

The process begins with the fresh ingredients being blended together, just as it does with traditional cat foods. However, it is gently steamed and formed into bite-size pieces without the use of mechanical friction after that. The food is then gently dried twice, once on the outside and once on the inside, to keep it fresh without the use of preservatives. Finally, the food is flavoured with oil.

Leonardo cat food is produced at a company-owned production facility in Germany’s Münsterland region. They use fresh meat from local suppliers in both their dry and wet foods.

Leonardo provides what types of cat food?

Leonardo sells both moist and dry cat food. Their recipes are designed around a holistic nutritional concept to support the vitality, health, and life expectancy of cats.

Leonardo provides canned food as well as pouches for their moist food products. They have formulas for both adult cats and kittens, all made with premium animal proteins such as beef, rabbit, and duck. Drink’s complementary food pouches encourage cats to drink more water.

Leonardo dry foods are classified into three categories:

  • Classic
  • Fresh Meat
  • Grain-Free

Leonardo offers recipes for kittens as well as “light” recipes to support a healthy weight in addition to traditional adult cat food formulas.

The ingredients make the difference

Since it is all about the flavour and naturalness of our recipes, we have refined every single recipe with the best ingredients. Supplemented with many vital components, every LEONARDO recipe contributes to the wellness of the cat, i.e. with additional protection of the teeth against harmful plaque formation, support of gentle hairball transition or the additional support of the immune system of indoor cats.

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