Can Linux Shared Hosting in India Help Small Businesses To Grow?

If you have a small business in India then you may want to Grow it further and make it a big organization. For that, you must need a website that is fast and scalable. Creating a website in not cost you much. But you have to pay a huge amount for web hosting. And if you don’t have much budget and money to spend on web hosting services then the best option for hosting your website is Linux shared hosting in India.

You might not be familiar with Linux shared web hosting in India, but this is the cheapest web hosting service that provides lots of benefits for a website, including scalability, security, and growth.

Every small business can get a huge profit from this web hosting, Because it is managed web hosting service and your web hosting providers all the customizations and updations on the server, It saves you time as well.

What is Linux Shared Web Hosting?

The backend files, text, and images of every website are stored on a server. And when a user searches anything regarding your website’s content then that server provides that data to that particular User. Without a web server, your website can not go online.

The shared hosting model involves a single server hosting hundreds of websites. All server resources and features are shared by every website. 

Every server needs an operating system to function and without an operating system, a server cannot run. And there are two Operating systems that are mostly used in servers: Linux and Windows. And when a Shared server is running on Linux operating system it is called a Linux shared Hosting Server.

In Which Way Do Small Businesses Get Benefits Form Linux Shared Hosting in India?

Linux shared hosting in India provides so many benefits to a website that help a website to perform better. And a better performing website always gives profits to the website owner.

Here we mentioned those benefits with a bit of explanation-


As is said earlier that Linux shared Hosting in India is one of the cheapest Web hosting services. It is because there are so many users hosting their website on the same server and the overall

Server costs are divided among all of them. If you are able to find the best web hosting company you can get an India Shared Linux Hosting plan for less than 10$ per month.


Linux Shared Hosting in India is a hosting type that is completely managed by the web hosting providing company. It means all major tasks and updations wil be done by your web hosting 

Company. You don’t need to spend much time operating on your server.

Control panel:

Linux is the only operating system that supports all types of control panels. You can choose Plesk or cPanel to do server-related tasks. Using a control panel makes all your server-related tasks very easy and hassle-free. You can do Add ons very easily in your Linux shared Hosting in India with a control panel.

The benefit of Linux:

Linux is an operating system that is completely open-source. That anyone in the world can contribute to Linux technology and make it better. Linux security is very hard to breach. In the event of a loophole, it will be resolved as soon as it is identified.

Linux is the oldest operating system introduced to the world. It is the only operating system that runs smoothly even on outdated machines. So you can say India Linux shared Hosting servers are the best.

How to Get the Best Linux Shared Hosting in India?

When you buy Linux Shared Hosting in India, you need to be careful when choosing a Web hosting company. Because you have to share your Website’s data with the company. Also, It’s the Web hosting’s responsibility to give you a fully secure and reliable Linux shared server in India.

We have compared multiple companies’ Linux shared Hosting plans in India. And we have 

found that the Hostbillo Hosting solution is the best and more trustworthy web hosting provider that offers cheap Linux shared hosting in India.

Hostbillo offers a 99.90% server uptime guarantee and 24/7 customer support. They provide servers that are DDoS protected and they give their customers a free SSL certificate with the server.


Linux shared Hosting in India can help a small business to grow further very fast. Also, it saves your money and time as well. There are so many web hosting services but for new Websites or for small businesses Linux shared Web hosting in India can be the perfect option.

For best web hosting Hostbillo is the best hosting provider. They are experienced and have the best ratings on interment. If you want the best Linux shared hosting in India must check Hostbillo’s Plans and packages of shared web hosting.

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