List of 2020 Summer Olympics Medal Winners

mary Sydney McLaughlin’s parents

The parents of Australian sprinter Sydney McLaughlin are Mary and Willie McLaughlin, who both competed in track and field events when they were young. Willie was also a semi-finalist at the 1984 Olympics and had undergone a heart transplant. marry Sydney Mclaughin’s parents was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Her parents came from different backgrounds but were both passionate about sports. Her mother was an avid runner, and her father was a professional hurdler.

Her parents introduced her to sports when she was a young girl. They never pressured her to compete like their success, and she qualified for her first Olympics at age 16. She competed in track and field for the first time in Tokyo in 2008 and won two gold medals. Her father, Willie, was an athlete and attended Manhattan College.


The 2020 Summer Olympics will feature an extensive range of archery events. Each event will have an estimated 128 competitors. Men and women will be competing in individual events and mixed team events. The possibilities are held under a World Archery-approved 70-meter distance. The first round of each event will feature 64 archers per gender. The archers are seeded one to 64 according to their scores.

This event has been featured at the Olympics since 1988. In Tokyo, South Korea won the mixed team gold medal. The Netherlands took the silver medal, and Mexico won the bronze. Archery has also made its way to the women’s team events.

Artistic swimming

If you’ve been watching the Summer Olympics on television, you’ve surely noticed the new sport of artistic swimming. This team event blends the creative elements of gymnastics and dance with the foundation of an athletics event. The routines are centred around themes and are judged on technical execution, synchronization, lifts, and artistic impression.

The sport has only been introduced recently, with mixed-gender duets taking the world stage for the first time in Kazan, Russia, in 2015. Adding men to the event is a step forward, but the IOC still has to approve the sport and allocate athletes a certain number of spots to make it happen.

The discipline has evolved significantly since its debut in 1984, and it’s not just the routines that have changed. The throws and lifts have become much more daring, and the athletes have dedicated more hours to their training. In addition to this, the scoring system has changed as well. The new deduction-based scoring system has changed the sport’s rules and increased the level of difficulty.

Mixed events

The 2020 Summer Olympics will mark the first time in the Games that women’s events will outnumber men’s. While the first modern Olympics in 1896 had only 43 possibilities for male competitors, the number of mixed events and women’s events has steadily increased. In Paris in 1900, there were 93 events for male competitors, and the number of varied events did not top 100 until 2000.

The first mixed triathlon included women, men, and mixed-gender teams. The mixed event featured a 300-meter swim, a 6.8-kilometre bike ride, and a two-kilometre run. In the mixed triathlon, teams consisting of men and women compete in two separate events.


The badminton tournament at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London had some exciting results. China was the biggest winner, taking six gold medals in the women’s singles and mixed doubles competitions. Taiwan also won an award in the women’s singles, while Viktor Axelsen from Denmark won the men’s singles.

The format of the badminton tournament has remained the same since the 1996 Summer Olympics, except for the addition of women’s singles and mixed doubles. The Olympics also marked the first appearance of Para badminton, a sport that pairs athletes with physical disabilities.

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