Mahzooz Draw In United Arab Emirates – Complete Guide

This is one of the best opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. Mahzooz Draw can make you rich overnight. This is held on every Saturday. This is a way that will fulfill your hopes.

Mahzooz draw is a lottery and you can enter by spending AED35. The amount will be spent in charity work.  This lottery is very popular in the World. There are many lucky peoples in the World by using Mahzooz platform.

Mahzooz Grand prize

If your selected 6 numbers are matching at the time of Mahzooz draw result, you will win AED 50Million but if a number of winner match 6 numbers, the amount will be divide between all winners.

How to Enter in Mahzooz Draw

If you are new and want to participate in Mahzooz draw, don’t worry, Here is a complete guide about how to enter in Mahzooz draw step by step.

  1. Create an account or Sign up
  2. Login account
  3. Click on Buy Now
  4. Select Number of bottles
  5. Click on add to cart
  6. Enter your credit card and buy

You can buy more than 1 entry by the process. After all, you will get a message or confirmation code from the Mahzooz draw in your mobile number or email.

After all, you need to check the result on Saturday at 9 PM.

Mahzooz Winning Numbers and Prize Detail.

Here is detail guide about prizes and numbers of the Mahzooz draw.

  • AED 10 Million if Matching 5 Numbers.
  • AED 1 Million if matching 4 Numbers.
  • AED 350 if matching 3 Numbers

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