Modern Custom Closet Design ideas For Your Garments

If you are thinking of building closets for your luxury items, then we have thoughtful designs available for you. You can try small walk-in closets or DIY storage. If you want to add small racks, shelves, bins, rods etc then go for it. If you have a bunch of new appeals waiting, then go for big ones. There are clever spaces showcases for imaginative small walk-in closets, which contain efficient layouts, custom features, cool designs and many more things! So let’s begin!

1 . Linen Closet 

A linen closet is a smaller version than a reach-in closet. They are narrow and can be located in hallways or bedrooms. These closets have different types of architectural elements: sliding doors, hinged doors, bifold doors, doorless etc. You can add custom closet shelving in linen closets. It is common for modern-day apartments to store washers and dryers in linen closets.

2. Armoires or closet

An armoire is a large free-standing, decorative type of wardrobe. Armoire has a lot of hanging space, well-shaped shelves, and drawers for storage. An armoire is ideal for elegant purposes. It can add a great vintage flavor touch to your bedrooms. You can also use smaller versions of the armor in your bedroom. If you have a lot of clothes then this is the best product for you!

3. Modern closet with sliding doors 

Modern closet designs can make your space visually overwhelming. Try out something with built-in sliding doors. It can be custom-made. You can use colors on sliding doors also. You can add baskets, plastic bins, cubbies rods and so on! You can add a floral custom closet design. Nowadays custom closets are a trendy thing in the market. 

4. Mirrored Walls closet

Mirrored wall closet is a very fancy and elegant-looking closet type! Mirror walls and cabinets will allow most storage space. You can add sleek and modern-looking drawers with a pull-out facility.  You can find good designers for your closet design in California. Update your closet in the simplest but fanciest way. Mirror will create an illusion of space in your closet. It will look bigger than ever! 

5. Traditional wooden closets 

This blog is for modern closet designs but still, there is always a place for traditional wooden closets. The idea may be inherited from the old days but it is still trending in the market. You can add wooden accessories to your closet like drawers, cabinets, mirror frames, vanity chairs, show-cases and so on. Fine sleek wooden furniture with white cushions and beaming lights can make your closet look regal. Dark-themed traditional closets will always remain in the market.


A variety of storage types is a key to the successful small walk-in closet. You can also try light and airy closets, open shelf closets, dark-themed closets and many more! You will find lots of custom closet designers in the market. Also, you can buy furniture and assemble them. Hope this blog will help you regarding closets.

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