Murrah Buffalo Farming’s Scope & Opportunity

India is known for its agricultural practices and contributes 18.8% to the Indian GDP. Animal husbandry has been a significant part of agricultural practices and the rural lifestyle, and one of the most beneficial practices is buffalo farming.

Why Is Buffalo Farming Profitable?

The buffalo plays a crucial role in the South Asian region, which constitutes 77.5% of the world’s buffalo population. Cattle are used for multiple purposes, including extracting milk, meat, and fieldwork. Milk-giving animals like cows and buffaloes are considered best as a side business for farmers. However, buffaloes are commonly referred to because of their adaptability, milk quality, and life span.

Buffaloes have several breeds, and Murrah is one of the best, originally found in Haryana and adjacent cities like Delhi, Punjab, etc. The higher the milk-giving capacity, the more profit the farmers will make. Farmers sell buffalo milk at a profitable price, which is their daily earnings.

Thus, in rural areas, people do buffalo farming, consisting of special areas where buffaloes are reared. This farm consists of properly managing cattle’s water, shed, waste, and feed. The current scenario has a cattle farming app with special doctor facilities, online buying and selling of cattle, and online shopping of fodder and other nutrients. The progress in buffalo farming is proof of the increasing profitability of buffalo farming.

Why Is Buffalo Farming So Progressive?

India is famed for its authenticity. However, according to the current situation, people find it difficult to get pure dairy products. When the world turns to organic things, we still use adulterated products. Thus, nowadays, customers are ready to pay extra for pure products, especially when it comes to milk.

Moreover, from a farmer’s perspective, finding an authentic breed of buffalo is getting complicated. Thus, people are promoting buffalo farming to get an original breed instead of a graded one. Graded breeds are amalgamations of the original and other breeds.

There is a massive difference in milk quality, which is the primary concern. Even the government has taken the initiative to encourage the yield of pure breeds. The Haryana government has announced a cash prize for rearing the original Murrah buffalo.

Why Is the Murrah Buffalo the Best Breed?

Murrah is said to be the finest breed in India. The reasons behind their preference are their milk’s top-notch quality, adaptability, robust structure, and milk-producing capacity.

Murrah buffaloes are the best in the world with qualities like drought power, sturdiness, bearing with extreme climatic conditions, etc. Thus, this breed is known as “black gold ” in some parts of the world. The home tract of Murrah buffaloes has been found in Haryana in the districts of Rohtak, Jind, Hisar, Jhajhar, Fatehabad, Gurgaon, etc. However, mating gradually spread this breed to Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Bangladesh, etc.

The Scope of Murrah Buffalo Farming

The threat to the original Murrah breed is the reason behind the promotion of their population. Graded breeds are readily available, and farmers sometimes purchase them due to a lack of knowledge and identification skills. Graded Murrah is low in price, which creates a win-win situation for buyers. However, later on, the quality of products is affected.

Several associations and governments are taking steps to protect Murrah buffaloes. For example, setting up dairy cooperatives nationwide encourages milk processing and product value addition to make Murrah buffalo farming a viable and cost-effective industry.

The quality of Murrah bulls’ semen output needs to be strengthened to get good buffaloes. In the future, you can expect frequent use of technologies like embryo transfer technology (ETT), multiple ovulation and embryo transfer (MOET), and cloning to produce pure breeds.

Technologies for assisted reproduction can raise the probability that genetic progress will be brought about via female selection. A strong extension network is necessary for buffalo production to increase sustainably. Specific abilities are needed for pure breed identification, heat detection, in-time AI, and milk processing. Therefore, all organizations ought to encourage programs that aid farmers in honing their buffalo-raising abilities.

Where to Buy the Original Murrah Buffalo?

The key is to choose the proper breed when purchasing. Finding a trustworthy vendor can be as complex as identifying the original breed. Get the Merapashu360 App if you want to Buy Bhens, a cattle-buying app. You can purchase things there for a fair price that are of unquestionable quality. Even better, they provide free door-to-door delivery to your home.

The Bottom Line 

Murrah buffalo farming has excellent scope in the future, and, as per the current scenario, farmers are even getting assistance from several organizations. You can expect a rise in the quantity of Murrah breeds as the future is concerned with their products’ purity as their mainstay.

As a farmer, you should grab the opportunity of opening a buffalo farm. You can quickly get financial assistance from the government and other organizations. If you plan to rear the original Murrah breed, the benefits will be countless, and a windfall will be inevitable.

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