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PinayFlix Squid Game” is not only a Netflix phenomenon, but also the internet’s favorite show.

Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, predicts that the nine-episode Korean thriller, which was released on September 17, will become the company’s most popular “non-English show” worldwide.

Last month, Sarandos stated, “It’s only been out for nine days, but there’s a very high chance it will be our most popular programme ever.”

Flix Patrol, a website that monitors streaming statistics for the world’s leading platforms, said that “Squid Game” is the most popular show in dozens of nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Korea.

Netflix’s streaming stats are not independently confirmed, making it difficult to determine a show’s popularity. Netflix executives didn’t reply to calls for comment.

Julia Alexander, a senior strategy analyst at Parrot Analytics, stated that it is evident that “Squid Game” has been a tremendous success, adding that she would use one word to characterize the magnitude of Netflix’s triumph.

Alexander stated, “‘Unprecedented'” “I assume the executives understood this would be a hit in South Korea based on the talent they employed and the region in which it was released. I would wager that the management had no concept that this would become a worldwide phenomenon.”

Lee Jung-jae portrays Seong Gi-Hun as he and hundreds of other destitute and heavily indebted candidates compete in a violent and frequently disgusting competition for around $38 million. There is only one winner, and those who lose the series of children’s games pay with their lives.

On social media, consumers cannot stop discussing “Pinay FlixSquid Game,” particularly its children’s games, which have spawned some memorable memes. “#SquidGame” has been viewed over 22.8 billion times on TikTok.

Consequently, why is the show so popular? We analyzed some of the leading reasons why viewers cannot get enough of it.

Final Words

“Squid Game” is an entirely original creation that is not based on any existing idea or concept, which could have hindered its appeal as a brand-new, foreign property with no fan base. According to Vulture, although the series was promoted in South Korea and other Asian nations, there was no significant effort to promote it in the United States.





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