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Uaetechnician is rated one of the nation’s top data retrieval services for  Data recovery in Dubai, because we cater to each of the needs of our clients. It provides top class facility with all services. We’re honest, and have a high success rate in recovering a wide variety of data recovery cases and situations.

We offer one of the best, most reliable computer repair and data recovery services all around the UAE. We have specialists, experts, and a professional team who are highly educated, well trained and have 15 years experience. Simply share your query with us and find more reliable service. If you’ve lost your data, then you need a data recovery. For more information contact +97145864033 

Deleted Data File Recovery

Recover essential files that were inadvertently deleted or moved, as well as files that were accidentally emptied from the recycle bin. The program is designed to recover files that have been deleted. It can recover files from both hard drives and USB drives.

The program works by scanning the drives, which is made possible by the advanced technology it uses.

Information about our company

As one of the Global Leaders in Data Recovery, Uaetechnician understands the significance of your critical data and can help to recover your lost data reliably.

As both private and professional customers need their data restored quickly and efficiently, Angel Data Recovery takes a dedicated approach to the recovery of your important information to achieve a successful result both quickly and securely.

Our major activities:

Hard Disk Drive Recovery

Data recovery Flash cards

Laptop, data recovery

Raid 5 data recovery


Remote RAID recovery

Hard disk diagnostic

Selling recovery tools

SSD data recovery and more

Why choose us for DATA recovery in Dubai

Provide a money-back guarantee on their services.

We always tell you the truth when it comes to data recovery.

We never accept excessive or hidden costs.

Labor charges are warranted for three months.

Local phone help is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rapid response and on-time service

Professional and dependable assistance

We cover everything.


Reasonably priced

Quick and convenient

Professional and dependable 

We service the entire city of Dubai.

Well prepared team

Corrupted File Recovery

Recover files get corrupted or unreadable for virus damage.Or restore inaccessible files from the Raw hard drive.We help in the recovery of files that are lost due to virus attack, improper formatting, corruption or any other reason.

Partition Recovery

When “Access is denied” errors appear as a result of faulty partitioning or partition table loss, recover the files.  Our company helps to recover files which have been lost due to any reason, such as accidental deletion, formatting, power outage, and so on. It is an easy-to-use application which scans for lost files and recovers them with the help of its intelligent technology.

Qualified Data Recovery Engineers

We have expert, professional, and specialist engineers who are highly educated, well trained, and have 15 years of experience. We are able to recover data from all types of hard drives and RAID arrays, and they have a team of highly skilled engineers that are able to get your data back, no matter what.

Easy Process

Our data recovery service in Dubai comprises retrieving the problematic disc from your location, thoroughly examining the issue, performing a fixed-price recovery, and sending the recovered data back to you on encrypted media. Each step of the way, we’ll keep you informed.

Our Promise

The best service is provided by our highly qualified engineers. We have years of experience helping both people and companies. Our technical knowledge and outstanding customer service are the foundation of our reputation.


If you are looking for a company to recover your Data, you have come to the right place. It is the world’s best city for data recovery shop near me. Ask your query about us without having to wait on the phone. For further details, call our company at the toll-free number 

Millennium Plaza Hotel Tower, Office: 1504, Sheikh Zayed Road,, Dubai, Dubai +97145864033


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