Secret Places and Hidden Things in Melbourne

Melbourne has so many famous bars and places to go out that it’s sometimes hard to find something not explored by tourists. This is why you should always look for recommendations from the locals because they know the best. We have gathered some of the best Melbourne hidden gems so you can enjoy them without feeling too touristy. 

Visit the South Melbourne market 

If you want to feel like one of the locals, then buy fresh food and interact with many of them at the South Melbourne market. 

It is common knowledge that South Melbourne Market is the best place to find fresh foods. You may purchase animal products, pastries, fruits and veggies, fresh juices, and a variety of other foods. sufficient for a morning stroll to pick up some groceries and breakfast. This market has been around for over 100 years and is a favorite among the locals.  

Visit the “haunted” Melbourne Bookshop  

If you like legends and old bookshops, this place will give you thrills. Not only that, Melbourne offers many spooky places you can visit. For example, the Pentridge prison, where the most vicious criminals once lived. Melbourne’s spooky tours can make your evening much more interesting, and you can also hear some fun and interesting tales and legends in bars along the way. 

Explore the Melbourne beneath Melbourne 

The Melbourne Storm Tunnels are a great place to start if you’re interested in learning more about Melbourne’s underworld. Even though the location is isolated from the city drainage system, it is still not advised for those who are claustrophobic. The Melbourne storm tunnels include cement, brickwork, pipes, streams, and caverns. To protect yourself from assaults by insect bites in the tunnel, use mosquito repellent before starting the journey. Otherwise, the trip might not be pleasant.

Visit Yarra Bend Park 

If you want some more spookiness, visit Yarra Bend Park and get to see huge fruit bets. These animals can be seen from the early morning until the night, which is when they disappear into the dark. Generally are not dangerous at all, but people see them as creepy because of all of the legends related to the bets. In any case, it is an amazing experience to see them fly in huge swarms in their natural habitat. 

Get a crazy night in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the best places in the world to go out in the evening and try out many different things. Other than having at your disposal a variety of different bars and clubs, Australia generally has pretty flexible laws when it comes to prostitution, which is why this practice is legal here. In case you are curious, try out brothels in Melbourne and see if this sort of fun is right for you. The ladies you can meet are beautiful and exotic. Make sure you pay a visit to an accredited brothel with a great reputation. 

Visit some aboriginal sites in Melbourne 

While in Melbourne, you can visit many different aboriginal sites in the state of Victoria. Among many of them, there is an Aboriginal Heritage Walk in Melbourne Gardens or Narana Aboriginal Center. Don’t forget to explore the volcanic Budj Bim national park with amazing landscapes and biodiversity. The options and many since Aboriginal culture is spread all across the country.  

Visit the police museum 

Visitors will never be bored at Melbourne’s Victoria Police Museum. The most amazing inventory of Kelly Gang weapons (famous bushranger), Deputy Thomas McIntyre’s valuable scripts, antique photos, and many more ancient items are held at this place. The Police Archive also has some scientific data from some of the biggest criminal investigations in the nation´s history. Ammunition and the firearms used in some famous police killings are exposed there. An excursion to this museum will be enjoyable for everyone who enjoys films about classic mystery novels.

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