Softest Bed Sheets

People usually believe that cotton is the softest fabric because that is purely because they have not yet tried sleeping on silk bedsheets. Silk is a natural fabric that is not only soft and smooth on touch but also has numerous health benefits for your skin, hair, and sleep. Cotton is a harsh fabric compared to silk, and it absorbs moisture, making your skin and hair dry, lack-lustre and brittle. Try switching over to silk bedsheets to experience its rich softness and health benefits. 

Let’s explore more about why silk is the softest fabric.


Reasons Why Silk Bedsheets are the Softest Bedsheets

Grades of Silk  

Silk has various grades that depend on the quality and texture of the material. Grade 6A silk is of the highest quality and has the longest strands with no impurities, and it has a natural sheen, and the fabric has lesser clumps of silk. A silk thread of this grade can stretch very long and lasts for many years as it is durable. It is extremely lightweight, breathable, and soft.


Type of Silk 

Mulberry silk is the best category of silk fabric extracted from silkworms fed Mulberry tree leaves only. It is the softest, lightweight silk with a shiny appearance and is smooth to the touch, and it also has anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties. 

22 Momme Silk Weave

Silk is weaved in a charmeuse weave. The long 6A grade fibres of Mulberry Silk used in the making bed sheets are weaved tightly together in a 22 momme weave, allowing the fabric the ideal weight and density and making it glide smoothly over the skin. Higher momme makes the fabric durable and softer. 

Proper Care is Essential for Silk Bed Sheets

Silk bedsheets are divine to sleep on as they keep you hydrated and feeling nurtured. Unlike cotton, they are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Dustmites do not like living on  them making them super hygienic. 

However, when it comes to silk bed sheets, they required a little extra care to maintain their natural sheen and softness when it comes to washing the silk. If you do not care for silk properly, the fabric may stiffen, losing its natural sheen. The strands get hard if you use bleach or strong detergent on silk products, and you should always use a mild detergent made especially for silk. 

Choose the Softest and Best Quality Silk Bedsheets

If you are looking for premium quality silk bedsheets that last a long time you are going to love what comes next.  We have made things easier by researching and finding out that Mayfairsilk manufactures genuine quality silk products. They have won multiple awards like ‘Innovation and Excellence Awards 2022- Bedding Brand of the Year by Corporate LiveWire’, which makes their silk bed sheets durable and the company reliable and trustworthy. They use the highest grade of Mulberry Silk, the 6A grade in 22 momme, to make their silk bed sheets, providing a soft touch and the perfect weight. Their fabric is OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Certified, ensuring that each strand is free from any harmful or toxic substance. The material is hypo-allergenic and resistant to allergens, thermoregulating, and has moisture-retaining properties. Moreover, the silk is biodegradable and sustainable. This multi-award winning brand distributes across the UK, Europe, parts of the USA and the Middle East. For more information and quality Silk bedsheets and silk pillowcases, you can visit their website:


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