Study in Australia – Top Degrees to Pursue in Australia

The beautiful country of Australia is home to some of the most reputed and highly ranked universities. The opportunities that Australia presents, make it an alluring destination for international students. With varied options at their disposal arriving at the best course to study in Australia, can be quite a task. Given the quality of education and globally ranked universities, every course in Australia is popular. However, certain courses are more sought after in the Australian job market in terms of demand, pay, and permanent residency prospects.

Let us look at the most attractive courses to pursue in Australia  

Top degrees to pursue in Australia


  • Nursing is of the most in-demand and highly sought-after occupations in Australia generating employment opportunities for fresh graduates, trained and registered nurses, nurses specializing in different medical facets, nurse supervisors, etc.
  • Nurses across all medical spectrums are handsomely paid and highly respected.
  • In addition, nursing degrees earned in Australia are accepted across the world.
  • Australian universities have comprehensive curriculums that couple both practical and theoretical teaching approaches, thus leading to an enriching educational experience.
  • Excellent teaching and a well-balanced syllabus make Australian nursing degrees highly
  • In addition, nursing culminates in an easy and assured PR gateway, thus making nursing one of the best courses for international students in Australia.

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Cost of nursing courses in Australia

Undergraduate degrees AUD 20,000 – AUD 35,000
Postgraduate degrees AUD 25,000 – AUD 50,000


Earning potential: Nursing in Australia

Registered nurses –

Starting salary

AUD 55,000 per annum
Registered nurses –

Experienced salary

AUD 120,000 per annum



  • The advancements in technology and infrastructure are instrumental in making Australia a powerful economy. However, Australia’s engineering sector has an important role to play.
  • Engineering is a highly revered field, with ample opportunities for engineering graduates.
  • International students are spoilt for choice with the number of options in engineering courses in Australia, encompassing and extensively covering fields such as Electronic engineering, Mechanical engineering, Agricultural engineering, Software engineering, Aeronautical engineering, Structural engineering, Chemical engineering, and more.
  • These courses extensively cover aspects of engineering that are required for the job market of today.
  • Australian universities also offer engineering and project management courses along with construction management, cost accounting, and more, to students that wish to pursue the management side of engineering.
  • Cost-effective diplomas and engineering-related courses, and vocational training courses prepare graduates for engineering-associated jobs. These courses are shorter in duration and are more budget-friendly. when compared to the conventionally taught engineering courses.
  • The opportunities for fresh engineering graduates are plenty and with the reward of attractive salary packages.
  • Engineers also have the best chance at a Permanent Residency in Australia.
  • Australian engineering degrees have been accepted the world over; however giving engineering graduates the opportunity to explore prospects in America, Canada, Europe, Japan, and other technologically driven countries.

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Cost of engineering courses in Australia

Average costs AUD 45,000 – AUD 52,000


Earning potential: Engineering in Australia

Average engineering salaries AUD 50,000 per annum
Experienced engineers AUD 100,000 per annum


Health and Medicine

  • With a reputation for high-quality services and a range of medical treatments and procedures, the health care industry in Australia is in constant need of refined and trained medical personnel.
  • Being fully aware of this scenario, universities offering medical courses in Australia have an array of courses for international students – from dentistry, dermatology, physiotherapy, oncology, ophthalmology, and neurology, to general medicine.
  • Each of these medical facets has specialized subdivisions, which are elaborately covered by Australian universities.
  • Studying medicine in Australia can be expensive; scholarships can help reduce the expense.
  • A medical career after graduation can be quite rewarding in avenues of job opportunities, earning potential, international prospects, PR, and more.

Earning potential: Health and Medicine in Australia

Average engineering salaries AUD 135,359 – AUD 243,000 

Computing and Information Technology

  • As humans become dependent on technology the need to digitalize and technologically revolutionize makes computers and information technology the need of the hour
  • Australia offers generous opportunities for IT professionals.
  • Demand for Computer Science and IT graduates in Australia’s IT sector increased by 17.5% after 2020.
  • Popular computing and information technology courses in Australia offering detailed training and quality education include software development, application and web development, networking, system analysis, cybersecurity, and more.
  • Universities pay extra attention to offering quality training that is accepted and market relevant. International students can choose between a host of courses leading to bachelor’s, master’s, diplomas, and doctoral degrees.
  • In addition to attractive benefits yielded from a computing and information technology program in Australia; applying for PR is fairly easy for a computer and IT graduate.

Cost of Computing and Information Technology courses in Australia

Average costs AUD 20,000 – AUD 50,000


Earning potential: Computing and Information Technology in Australia

Average Salary AUD 50,000 per annum
Experienced – Average Salary AUD 120,000 per annum

Tourism and Hospitality

  • The beautiful country of Australia is acclaimed for its scenic beauty. However, tourists frequent Australia for its beaches, landscapes, food, and culture.
  • Hospitality courses in Australia cover hotel management, and culinary programs.
  • Likewise, tourism is a very popular field of study generating huge opportunities for employment.
  • Australian universities offer tourism and hospitality courses across bachelor’s, master’s, and diploma degrees.
  • Upon graduating, candidates can find jobs as hotel managers, event managers, professional chefs, travel and tour managers, and more.

Earning potential: Computing and Information Technology in Australia

Average salary after Bachelor’s degree AUD 60,000 per annum

Study in Australia – Top Universities

  • The University of Sydney
  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of Queensland
  • Monash University
  • University of Wollongong
  • James Cook University
  • University of Tasmania

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