The advice to keep in mind before you purchase a property in Dubai

If you are planning to purchase a property for the first time in Dubai numerous questions are likely to emerge in the back of your mind. Before you are planning to choose Apartments for Sale in Dubai Creek Harbour there are numerous points to consider. Due to the massive influx of migrants, the number of property inquiries has increased considerably in the last few years.

The real estate market of Dubai is one of the most sought real estate markets globally. From an investment point of view, there is no better option than investing in the real estate market in Dubai. But things always do not go according to your expectation. If you have gone on to invest in the real estate market of Dubai without any expert help trouble is likely to emerge.

Now the question is which are the best real estate companies in Dubai in terms of real estate? What are the factors that enable you to choose the best real estate property in Dubai? So, before you take the plunge of investing in the real estate market of Dubai a few points to consider are as follows

What is the reason for your purchase?

The process starts from this goal. Before you are purchasing a home you need to figure out the reasons for the same. Irrespective of the location where you are going to purchase you need to be aware of the reasons for your purchase. If you are planning to use it for personal use then you need to consider the distance to the nearest schools, supermarkets, hospitals, etc. But if you are considering it from an investment point of view, check out the future predictions along with the locality.

What is going to be your budget?

Before you are planning for a creek harbour apartment for sale in Dubai have an eye on your budget. It is not only about the property value but there are other factors that need to be applied like legal fees or maintenance fees. Even before you intend to purchase a home in Dubai the budget should be determined based on your income capacity and future plans. You may also check out with the banks on whether they would be providing you with loans on the purchase of the property. Before the payment duration starts check out the approval aspect.


For a new investor in Dubai, one of the challenging tasks is to find a proper location. Multiple factors come into consideration if you are looking to choose a property in Dubai. In comparison to many countries of the world, you cannot construct your own home. Make sure that a well-developed developer goes on to complete the construction task for your needs. The best course of action would be to undertake comprehensive research and then decide which developer works out to be the best. If the project falls in the wrong hands there is going to be a loss of revenue.

After the location is finalized the project developer can start the task of the building construction. For finalizing the design make it a point that you conduct a series of meetings with the designer. Then the maintenance company will take over from the first year once the building is complete

Maintenance company

As discussed above it is done after the building is complete. They are the ones who do take care of all the factors associated with a building. The project manager is responsible for the choice of the company. There could be termination of the agreement if the responsibilities are not accomplished in a proper manner. So before you are purchasing a home in Dubai you need to check out the reputation of the company that is entrusted with maintaining the building.

The age of the building

A point to figure out is that Dubai is not a historical city where you are going to find buildings that are more than 50 years old. It is a city that is world-famous for its vibrant lifestyle and night culture. With a lot of influx of foreign people, the number of properties and constructions are on the rise in Dubai.

The off-plan development has been in high development in the last few years in Dubai. One of the main reasons why people are interested to invest in the real estate market of Dubai as the returns are vibrant and a series of attractive plans are on offer.

The warranty of the developer

As it has already been mentioned that most of the development works in Dubai has taken place in the last 20 odd years. It is bound to provide you with complete peace of mind but still there are a few pointers that you need to consider.

If it is a structural change, the developer would be responsible till 10 years after completion of the project. There could be cases where the company would have gone on to comply with the duration of the warranty which is 10 years. Then in this case the house owner would be responsible for the entire work related to the house.

Perfect timings

Just like any other industry, the real estate market does have its own ups and downs. What it means is that there is a perfect time when you are looking to purchase or sell a property in Dubai. Being a buyer if you feel that the prices tend to be on the lower side, and the developer is providing exceptional service, then it is the right time to be purchasing a property in Dubai. The moment you find that a lot of people are interested in purchasing a house then it could turn out to be the right time to sell the same.

To conclude one of the major mistakes that people end up making in the real estate market of Dubai is that they trust the market without any surety. Trust along with confidence is important when it comes to deals.

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