The Best IOS Productivity Apps for IPad & IPhone In 2022

Are you frustrated by the amount of time your smart devices take up on your productivity? It’s understandable that you feel that way, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be difficult to get beyond media consumption. However, using your iPad and iPhone to stay focused and on task may require some planning and foresight. But productivity apps could transform your iPad into a tool that helps you organize your productivity. Your iPad Pro in its iPad Pro 11 Case could be your key to a productive, well-ordered life.

These are our top productivity apps for 2022 – simple apps such as a Pomodoro clock to more complex apps that can organize your entire life – if they let you. Let’s get started.

If You Do This, Then That

There are too many things to track and too many decisions to make. This can drain your productivity and reduce your ability to make good decisions. You can connect apps with If This Then That (ITTT). It allows you to automate your device and make your decisions ahead-of-time. You might like to remind your plants to bring them in before the frost or to flash your porch lights to alert you when an international space station is overhead. This handy app can be connected to your smart home devices as well as any other apps.

Just Press Record

Just pressing record at first glance looks like a basic recording app. It’s no more advanced than Apple’s default voice notes. But that’s only a small part of the story! The app can transcribe speech and sync both the recorded and accompanied transcriptions to iCloud. You can also share them. You can also send recordings to many different apps.

Focused on Pro

Be Focused Pro, a professional Pomodoro tracker and timer, works seamlessly on any device, including your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The app is a favorite of many productivity gurus. It allows you to personalize the way you do Pomodoro. You can customize your break and work intervals and even the length of the breaks between long breaks.

Be Focused Pro keeps good records and can export data to CSV files. Reports can be generated for clients (think freelance work) and personal records.


Do you need a to-do-list with color-coded priorities and productivity graphs? Todoist might be the right app for you. This app is great for a simple to-do list. However, there are many advanced features that will please more advanced users such as integration with Dropbox, If This Then This, and Slack. Natural language processing is one of our favorites features. This AI-based neural network can transform a quick thought into a task.


This is a digital bulletin board that can be used for modern productivity. You can make lists, add cards to them, and then you can do whatever you like with them. Trello is a great productivity tool that can be used for tasks assignation and tracking. Trello allows you to organize and track your thoughts without having to set reminders or make an official to-do listing.

Google Drive

Before Dropbox and Google Drive, people used to carry around USB sticks with key files. They dealt with viruses whenever they plugged them into other computers. We use productivity apps such as Drive to sync our hard drives to cloud storage and have them available anywhere. Google only offers a certain amount of storage for free. If you need more, you will have to pay or create a new account. This solution is great for file sharing and collaboration. We also appreciate how we can access all of our important files from our iPad anytime, anywhere, regardless of where they were originally created.


Evernote, a cross-platform note-taking application, is simple to use for casual users but offers plenty of additional functionality for those who wish to dig deeper. You can save bits of information while browsing the internet, and write more detailed notes when you have some downtime. It’s a way to have notebooks in the cloud, which can be accessed from all of your devices.

You can upload up to 60MB of content per month as an unpaid account. While this is fine for writing, you may need more space if your content includes audio, video, or pictures.


This is the ideal note-taking app for teams. You can think of it as a wiki where everyone can contribute to the knowledge base, but without all of the quirks or annoyances that wikis often come with. Although there is a learning curve with this app, once you get the hang of it you will be impressed by its functionality.

Cloud Battery

Did you ever take your iPad along with you on a commute to be productive only to discover that the battery was dead? It can be difficult to track the battery levels of multiple devices. The cloud battery app is a great solution. The app gives you a summary view of all your battery levels, and can be set up to receive alerts whenever a device’s battery level drops below a specific level. Which app gives you the greatest boost in productivity? Tell us about it. Visit Website

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