The Importance of Digital Visiting Cards in Today’s Digital World

Before there was any existence of social media or any digital platform, most businesses had to rely on traditional visiting cards which were made of paper. And even today, they are still being used by the businesses around to share business information. However, with the advancement in technology, now there are several digital mediums used to share business information in much effective way possible and it is much easier for businesses to connect with their audiences and target customers. The use of digital visiting cards has become so popular that they are now being considering a great alternative to the traditional business cards in today’s digital world.

Thanks to Smartphone technology, sharing information in the blink of an eye through digital business cards makes the existence of the traditional business cards out of question. It won’t be wrong to say that organizing and sharing information with the online digital visiting card is much convenient and it is much similar with the content management systems or marketing platforms, automated marketing software, and social media platforms. As it seems obvious that digital cards are now becoming an industry standard in the modern business world and they are now raising the question: If the traditional business cards are still a relevant part of the industry or not? In this article, we will discuss why digital business cards are now becoming an integral part of the digital business world.

Importance of Electronic Business Cards

This is the era of digital platforms where businesses are being connected with their targeted audience and when a well-crafted business card is used to share business information with other marketing and networking experts then it can work as one of the most effective ways to make a business appear more proficient. Business cards though are still a relevant part of the business world to share information and establish a connection with another person. Here is more to know about

Easy To Stay Connected With Digitization

Traditional business cards are hard to manage and they require physical space and overall impression of them is quite messy and let’s not forget how tough it can be to organize those cards. As the digital world is getting advanced every day, customizing and sharing information of the digital business card online is way convenient than ever. It is much easier to organize contacts and attach notes if required regarding any specific information, key details about other businesses and make any schedule that you can follow up later.

In the corporate world, it is much easier to sync your digital business cards and store contact information and contacts with the help of marketing automation software, track data and conveniently create email campaigns. With the help of such digital tools, it is much easier to build a successful online follow-up which is crucial to surviving in the modern business world. With the help of the best business card app from platforms like ShareEcard, you can store a variety of information in your digital business cards and while traditional business cards aren’t enough to stay connected, a social media follow-up will greatly help stay connected.

In this modern times, we need to connect through platforms like LinkedIn where corporate professionals set their portfolio, business create their profiles and by having their website or portfolio link will sure help businesses and service providers to get more exposure and if you add LinkedIn profile link directly in digital business cards then you will enjoy the bonus of getting connected with other experts in your field and make a new professional connection. Making new connections via online resources is way more convenient than ever however, using an efficient digital visiting card maker is crucial to create a first impression as a beautifully designed digital business card can speak a lot about the business’s proficiency without telling a long verbal description.

A Bridge between Traditional and Digital World

Yes, this is true that paper cards aren’t as effective and don’t possess many features compare to the online digital visiting card but one cannot deny the fact that a huge number of businesses and professionals are still using them even in this modern business world. However, if a business needs to use both mediums to share information then one can put a QR code on the paper card; you bridge the gap, by creating an efficient gateway between the traditional and modern business world.

With the help of the best business card scanner apps, the QR code can be scanned and the information behind can easily be stored. You can even send personal URLs via chat, email, or social media. This has been proven to be much convenient for an online networking event in the pandemic where physical meetings and events were not possible so digital business cards were heavily used on popular platforms such as Zoom and Skype and it is highly possible that they will become a staple in sharing information or become a native feature in such applications.

Reduced Landfill save Environment

This might be surprising for many readers but this is the fact that every day thousands and even millions of paper cards are discarded, thrown, or lose by others. And this would also be surprised to know that almost 88% percent of the visiting cards are shared by businesses or professionals at corporate events mostly never made their way to their contact list. Just imagine you have got 1000 of your visiting cards and 880 of them haven’t fulfilled their purpose. They will end up in the trash which will not only be a waste of effort but a waste of precious resources such as water and trees that were used to create those cards. By converting to the online digital visiting card you will not only do a great favor to make your business more proficient but favor the environment as well. If you need Design’s own Digital Card then consider using the application from ShareEcard to design eye-catchy and convenient digital business cards with hundreds of templates to choose from that too at a much cheaper cost.

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