The Rich and Age-long Culture of Gemstone Jewelry at Jaipur

Infamous as “Pink City” in the world, Jaipur has emerged to become a popular tourist destinations that has been attracting thousands of travelers and tourist, both domestic and global with its amazing historic monuments that display a touch of pre-historic architecture, the selfless hospitality it serves its guests with and goes without saying, the rich Rajasthani culture that has been a key reason that why people from all across the globe choose to visit pink city.

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Besides being a major tourist hub and being one the renowned cities of the country famous for its marvelous architecture and rich-vibrant culture, Jaipur has also become a major hub for gemstone and jewellery business, especially in the couple of last decades during which the business and industry scored millions of revenue and a raging top-line growth.

Let’s explore the rich and age-long traditional culture of gemstone Jewelry here at Jaipur

The Gemstone City: Jaipur

Well, being a Jaipurite, we all are quite versed with the astounding range of perks and achievements that our beloved capital has scored in the past decades. However, it could be quite astonishing for most of the people that the city which always has been adored to be an epitome of culture and tradition, is a widely considered to be nurturing ground for gem and jewel industry. Infact, Jaipur is known to be hub for some of the rarest, highly valuable and famous gemstones that the market has ever discovered.

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And the seeds of this profitable business were sown hundreds of years ago, when Maharaja Jai Singh took the control of this city.

Let’s unfold the golden History of Gemstone Jewelry in Jaipur

For centuries, Jaipur has always been viewed and celebrated as a major jewelry hub. Known for its brilliant and eye-captivating craftmenship as well as for its myraid range of gemstones that are traded in bulk in the market, the city has always attracted jewelry lovers and have always stand-up to their expectations.

In the British-India Regime, Jaipur started gaining worldwide recognition and appreciation as a major spot for jewelry manufacturing and trading. During those times, Jaipur used to be one of the world’s leading producers of high-quality gemstones.

Back then, the city was brimming with talented gem cutters, who should be given the entire credit that the city still is one of the leading producers of gemstone jewelry.

Those gem cutters, by inheriting the nunances of the business and the talent of convering raw stones into highly valuable and beautiful gemstone jewelry from their families, used to cut, polish and craft exquisite gemstone jewelry that were cherry-picked by the royal families of different states and cities to adorn themselves in a bid to enhance their pride, honor and the charm of their personality.

The market use to be flooded with tons of precious and highly alluring gemstones that were cherished and celebrated across the entire world. Infact, the charm and brilliance of these adorable stones used to drive traders and dealers to pour into the city from across the world. They used to trade in bulk quantities from the local suppliers at fair prices and then sell them to different parts of the world at lucrative deals. In this way, the legacy of the state’s precious stones was spreaded in all the four directions.

Although some of the stones have disappeared from the market at present, still you will find sizzling and stunning specimens of highly vibrant and precious stones, like garnet jewelry, opal jewelry and ruby jewelry in the old market of the old Jaipur city.

With the onset of the 18th century, the skilled and nimble craftsmen of the city recognized the need of the hour and began to optimally utilize the available natural resources in the region to bring out the most exquisite and amazing pieces of gemstones jewelry that would use to light-up the entire region.

As the 19th century knocked the doors, the skillful craftsmenship of these gemstone jewelry workers become the talk of the town and soon enough, they becomes quite popular and their astounding work which they had lended to bring out the best quality gemstone jewelry becomes the talk of the town not merely in India, but throughout the entire world.

Infact during these times, many American and European traders use to travel all the way to Jaipur to purchase those unique and flamboyant creations of these craftmen.

Fast forwarded to the present time, the initial efforts of those craftsmen have finally proved to be quite prolific for the city’s reputation in the world of gems and jewels. Today, Jaipur is home to some of the reputed and renowned craftsmen and women, besides being a major hub for the bulk production of gemstone jewelry.

A Prominent Hub for Colored Gemstones

What tends to be still not known is that Jaipur is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of colored gemstones in the entire country.

In the international gemstone jewelry market, the specimens from Jaipur are recognized for their top-notch quality as well as for their sizzling and stunning colors which leaves everyone awe-struck.

Aquamarine Jewelry
Aquamarine Jewelry

For those blues sheen emanating aquamarine jewelry to precious emerald jewelry, and to those red-raging sapphire stones, every piece and specimen of gemstone jewelry procured from Jaipur would enhance the prestigious and elegance of the wearer.

So, if you are looking for stunning and sizzling pieces of gemstone jewelry at the most fair deals, then plan for a jewelry hunt in the old city of Jaipur upon your next visit to the city.

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