Tips for Throwing a Great Corporate Party

You can make anything a reason for a celebration, but if you want to make it a celebration to remember you have to throw a party like no other! The last thing you want is people talking about how boring your company parties are or even worse: BASIC. Stay away from basic, yeah red cups were cool in high-school but you have to elevate you party aesthetic, make it fresh, fun and unique.

A corporate party is not just some gathering, it is an experience. Give your guest a one-of-a-kind experience at your party and surely your guest will exit the premises hoping they are invited for the next one! Moreover, you can convert your higher-end guests into customers! Here are a few tips you could use as your party guide:

Set the Pre-Party Mood

If you want to have a great party you have to follow the number one rule- excite the guests. Why would anyone want to come to a party that people are not already too excited about attending? Make your party feel like it is the ultimate event of the year and let all those invited feel like they are absolute VIPs to be on the guest-list (especially your staff).

Your invite could also include a particular dress code or color palette depending on the theme you would like to go for. A cool theme will definitely have all the guests buzzing with excitement before the party even starts!

Get Your Venue Ready

If your party is at the company base or at the best hotel in town you need to make sure everything is on theme and absolutely fabulous. Keep some time aside to make sure everything is beyond perfection. Make sure all the décor is on point, the bathrooms are cleaned up and there are knickknacks on every corner for the guests to enjoy.

Mark out the natural areas, which are basically specific spaces people would tend to gather together. Moreover, add in some LED digital signage to make your party pop and promote your brand. Ensure your music, drinks and food are placed in the proper areas and keep your venue ready for the corporate party of a lifetime.

Pumping Music

What is a party without music? It is definitely not a party if there is no music involved. All you have to do is hire a well-reputed DJ that can get the music pumping and compel people into the dance floor.  You know a party is awesome when the music is good and the people (especially the managers and CEOs) are dancing the night away.

You can keep your music on theme if you are having a 80s, 60s or any era themed party, but make sure it gets remixed in for people to get their bodies moving! The right music will keep the guests entertained all night.

Get Gaming

I’m not talking about video games over here. I am talking about fun games such as twister! This is depending on your vibe. If you are having more of a higher-end party you could do a more subtle game such as Chinese whispers to break the ice between the guests.

On the other hand, if you are more focused on having a casual office party, beer pong, two truths and one lie, heads up and mystery cluedo are some of the best games to keep your party going!

Follow these tips and throw a party everyone is going to remember forever!

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