Top 10 Music Search Engines of 2023

As a musician or band, you will want to know how to best optimize your website and content for music search engine optimization (SEO). SEO involves getting as many people exposed to your music so it ranks higher on Google.

One effective strategy to do so is acquiring high-quality backlinks from sites relevant to your music, which will not only boost SEO rankings but also expand fan bases.

1. Google

Google, founded in Mountain View, California is a multinational technology company best known for its search engine. However, they also provide products and services.

One of its most widely-used services is its search engine, available in over 200 languages. Also useful is the Maps feature which helps users locate places around the globe.

2. Bing

Bing offers music videos, albums and biographies as well as more! If you want a search engine that helps you discover music, Bing is an excellent option. It provides access to videos, albums, biographies, and more!

Bing stands out from its competition by being available across devices, from PCs and smartphones, as well as featuring a low bounce rate that ensures users spend more time exploring content on its site and are more likely to interact with it.

3. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a search engine designed for people who do not wish for their personal data to be shared with advertisers or law enforcement, unlike Google and other major search engines such as Bing or Yahoo!

Privacy is of primary concern at Search Lab, so they have created several tools to keep you secure online – like tracker blockers and encryption for all searches.

4. Swisscows

Swisscows is a search engine that claims not to store user data and respect their privacy, is family-friendly, and does not display explicit results.

Swisscows is available in eight languages and uses Bing for web searching, providing shopping content, music content (powered by SoundCloud), as well as an instant translation feature.

5. StartPage

StartPage is a search engine dedicated to privacy that offers users a safe and discreet browsing experience on the web. According to their company, no personal data is collected and their services do not sell or share user information with third parties.

StartPage stands out as a favorite among privacy advocates due to the fact that it does not record your IP address or use browser cookies to track search histories, complying with stricter European privacy laws than US regulations.

6. LookSmart

LookSmart is an online directory and music search engine, designed to showcase its partners rather than direct traffic directly to its own site.

LookSmart uses volunteer editors, known as Zeal members, to reduce costs.

7. Bing Video

Bing Video, Microsoft’s search engine, features high-definition video previews, filters, and sources from across the Internet. Plus it lets you save videos for quick access!

Bing stands out from Google and YouTube by offering users the ability to watch a video preview without leaving their search page, saving time and internet data usage. This benefit saves both precious time and valuable internet data storage space.

8. Qwant

Qwant is a European search engine dedicated to protecting user privacy. It does not store user data, create behavioral profiles, or show results based on past searches.

Search engines provide Junior versions for children that do not retain search history or show commercial ads on pages, while also blocking violent content from appearing online.

9. Mp3 Juice

Mp3 Juice is an innovative music search engine that aggregates content from blogs across the web and serves as an excellent platform to discover new music while also providing an opportunity to promote existing releases.

This site appears outdated and relies heavily on crowdfunding and online ads for support, yet boasts a substantial library of music. Additionally, its search tool works efficiently while its tag structure quickly connects users.

10. Tubidy

Tubidy is a royalty-free music search engine site offering high-quality MP3 and WAV files, diverse genres, and an easy interface.

Tubidy provides filmmakers with a great feature; free licensing allows them to use its soundtracks in online videos as long as they credit Tubidy in the video description. This option provides some much-needed music without incurring costs associated with licensing agreements.

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