Top 5 Exciting Things about Wyndham Bonnet Creek

As the year 2022 is coming to its end, I have realized the year is about to pass and I haven’t planned any vacation with my wife and kids. The last time, when we went on a vacation in September 2021, we all enjoyed ourselves so much that we promised each other to plan a vacation at least once a year at any best family resort in the USA. Throughout this year my wife tried multiple times to take a break for all of us and plan an 8-10 days vacation. But due to one reason or another, we somehow could never finalize it.

Now when it’s been more than a year, mainly due to my business engagements and kids’ school, we all have finally vowed to pack our bags and take a vacation at any cost. A few days ago, I applied for my annual leaves and informed the kids’ school already. Whereas, my wife has been busy collecting the travel essentials considering we will be traveling with the kids. The city we have chosen this year is Orlando at the suggestion of our friends who have recently been there. According to them for family vacations at this time of the year, Orlando would be one of the best destinations.

I searched for the famous resorts in Orlando that would be perfect for my wife and kids. After rigorous online research, I have finally booked Wyndham Bonnet Creek resort for our 8-day stay which is apparently one the best family resort in the USA. Before booking, I did comprehensive research to find out what Wyndham Bonnet creek has to offer to me and my family. I have found some pretty exciting things for my kids that I believe will elevate my vacation experience there.

Let me take you through the top 5 things that excite me and my kids to choose Wyndham Bonnet Creek, Orlando.

  1. Walt Disney World Theme Park

One of the exciting things that convinced my kids to stay at this resort was its location which is adjacent to Walt Disney World Theme Park. To be honest, my kids are diehard Disney fans, they would love to add a visit to Disney World to their vacation. They were filled with excitement when they found out that they have the option to stay near Disney World.  After further research, I also found out that the resort offers shuttle services to Disney theme park (at nominal fees).

  1. Game room at the resort

While going through the amenities and services another exciting thing that convinced me to book this resort was its gaming room. It’s been so long since I have gone for indoor and arcade games with my kids. Now that I have access to it, I along with my kids are going to enjoy different arcade games, ping pong, and table games.

  1. Condo-style Suites

I was very excited when I got to know that resort has condo-style suites, not cliched guest rooms that are offered to us generally. My wife was also thrilled to know that she can cook breakfast of her own choice and she will have access to the private balcony.  I think it’s really cool when comfort and fun get along with the extra space for your privacy.

  1. Bar B.q and Picnic Areas

As we have planned to stay for 8 days, it is great to see that resort has to offer different activities that we can plan for each day. As I found that there is Barbeque and Picnic area where we can plan a small picnic with my kids, I got another reason to book bonnet creek for my family. We are planning to dedicate a day to our family picnic where we will have a barbeque setup. The cherry on top is that gas grills will be provided by the resort.

  1. Wide choice of Restaurants and Bars

While checking the resorts my wife is always conscious of our kids’ experience from the vacation. But one thing that my wife and I have managed to find for ourselves is the choice of restaurant and bars at the resort. We have found some good options for fine dining and maybe we will go on a small date with some good food and drinks to make it a perfect vacation for us.

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