Top 5 things Every Motorcycle Enthusiast Should Know About Honda Grom

Small displacement bikes clearly show that there is no need for excessive cubes to have lots of fun. Although most of the half-liter motorcycles in the market are designed for beginners, even experienced riders can enjoy them on tracks, craving canyons at high speed or just commuting on normal roads. And when it comes to displacement bikes, you can never overlook Honda. 

Honda has one of the best lineups of displacement bikes and without any doubt, the best in the market. Although there are many displacement bikes under the Honda umbrella, none of them comes even closer to the Honda Grom. 

If you are a superbike fanatic, Honda Grom might not catch your eye and that’s not good since this superb model offers a lot in a small package. So, here are the top 5 things that every motorcycle enthusiast should know about Honda Grom.

Affordable pricing 

If you are a new biker who is in search of a budget bike and not in the mood to sacrifice on the fun factor then the Honda Grom is the bike that will best suit your needs. For the standard trim, you just have to pay $3,499 and if you are looking for the ABS version, you would have to pay just $300 extra. 

This makes Honda Grom one of the cheapest motorcycles in the market and even during replacement and maintenance, buying parts like grom fairings will not cost you a fortune. 

If you wish to keep things cheaper then you can even go for used first-generation Honda Grom bikes as they are more attainable, going for as little as $2,500. And there is nothing wrong with the performance of the Honda Grom as it is enough to put a smile on the face of any bike fanatic. 

High fuel economy 

Since people have become more concerned about rising fuel prices and saving the environment, fuel economy now plays a crucial role in vehicle appeal. This might be the reason why bike enthusiasts are preferring electric motorcycles over gas motorcycles. But there are a few gas-powered motorcycles in the market that still have the ability to offer high fuel economy, like the Honda Grom. 

The fuel economy of Honda Grom fairings is 134mpg and it is as high as you can get on any motorcycle in the market. This is one of those features of the Honda grom that makes it more appealing.

Easy to maintain and reliable 

With Grom fairings, you get the unmatched reliability of Honda and that’s why it never seems to break. And with the new update that has replaced the old motor with a 125cc motor, you can expect the motorcycle to last longer than all entry-level motorcycles. 

Furthermore, Honda Grom has low revs, the engine has to go through less wear and tear in comparison to all the other high-revving machines. And just like all the other fuel-injected and air-cooled motorcycles, the Grom doesn’t require too much maintenance or care. 

Although this motorcycle has a shorter valve clearance in comparison to other bikes, the task is quite easy to undertake. Also, it comes with a lot of room for customization and even healthy aftermarket support. 

Ideal city motorcycle 

The Honda Grom fairings make a perfect city motorcycle. It is highly compact, budget-friendly, lightweight, and offers an ideal riding position. You will be surprised to know that the Grom weighs just 225 pounds and the seat height is just 30.1 inches.

You will have no trouble throwing the compact motorcycle around and squeezing into traffic. This motorcycle might have a limited top speed but even the speed limit in the city ranges between 10 to 25 miles. So, as long as you stay away from the A roads, you are always going to feel at home with the Honda Grom.

Doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, you are never going to regret your decision of buying a Honda Grom as it is one of the best displacement bikes offered by one of the best companies in the motorcycle segment- Honda. So go for it and enjoy the exceptional experience of riding a compact bike.

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