Top Attractions in the Maldives for the First-Timers

The Maldives is undoubtedly one of the significant attractions globally, known for its tropical beauty. Moreover, Maldives is known for its unique culture and pleasant weather. People from numerous countries visit to have the best time with friends and family.

The Maldives is a group of numerous islands with significant aspects like sandy beaches, lush greenery, palm trees, and mesmerizing weather conditions. Multiple landmarks will engage you with fascinating elements that make you eager to revisit. Elements include exciting water beaches, exotic spas, and lavish resorts with sea-facing views. 

Furthermore, Maldives is a glorious worldwide place surrounded by the Indian ocean. One of the significant water activities includes underwater scuba, where you get massive exposure to turtles, fishes, corals, reefs, and other numerous water creatures. 

Food is one of the integral parts of the Maldives. It offers dishes like Fried Yams, Fish Curry, Gulha, Masroshi, and Saagu. Besides, all are prepared with rich aromatic herbs and spices, which reflect the taste of the Maldives under its beautiful culture. Moreover, the primary religion of Maldives is Islamic, and the locals speak the Dhivehi language. 

The Maldives is a vibrant place throughout the year that offers you massive attractions and activities. Still, you may visit between November and March if you want the best activities under the alluring climate condonation. Besides, the stay option is pretty choosable, as they come at an affordable price. 

So, plan a trip under an excellent Maldives package from India that provides amazing offers that cover almost every expense. Moreover, it gives an immense experience to every tourist. 


As mentioned earlier, the primary language of Maldives is Dhivehi, but primarily locals speak English and other languages. Besides, the male city is the capital island of Maldives, situated at the male atoll, about 460 kilometers southwest of Sri Lanka. Moreover, 90% of Maldives is covered with the ocean, which looks mesmerizing if you witness more than 5000 coral reefs, fishes, and other sea creatures. 

Cultural Beauty 

The Maldives is well known for its culture and traditions, which makes every tourist vibrant and charming. Moreover, being an island nation, the primary culture revolves around the island and sea lifestyle. Therefore, it was derived from Indian, Arab, Sri Lankan, and African cultures. But still, the Maldives has its own culture that reflects its uniqueness. 

Furthermore, if you are visiting for a honeymoon trip, Maldives is home to luxury, lavish resorts and spas. Moreover, the locals of Maldives always respect every tourist, and they are overwhelmed and kind towards every person. Additionally, they never disrespect their culture and religion, which shows how committed they are to the Maldives. 

Old Heritage and Monuments 

Old monuments and heritage are an integral part of the Maldives. One of the most famous is Friday Mosque, situated on the male island. Moreover, it holds glistering Doms that look magnificent, including wood carvings and unreal Arabic calligraphy. Besides, the library holds an immense exterior made up of stones and marble that takes all visitors. 

Furthermore, all these pieces of architecture are made up of magnificent works reflecting the glory of the Maldives. Moreover, if you are fascinated with old stuff, all those architecture are your finest choice. 

Dance and Music

Dance and music are the essential tradition of Maldives that is also crucial, and it influences other countries that give immense experience and feeling. Moreover, one of the most famous events to visit is Bodu Bedu, which represents the perfect element of the Maldives’ culture.

Additionally, this event is performed by more than 25 people, including drummers, singers, and dancers. Almost every resort and hotel organized this to give a breathtaking experience to every person. 

Art and Craft

There are numerous exceptional crafts created using basic raw materials. Moreover, it includes shells, wood, palm leaves, reeds, stones, natural oils, and stones. Besides, some brilliant artisans made the Maldives proud with their magnificent pieces of work, and their handicrafts are the art and craft of this country.

Furthermore, the art of Arabic calligraphy is primarily seen in the Mosque of the Maldives, which reflects the actual Islamic Culture, and hence people are attracted to it. 


The Maldives is highly known for its exotic and delicious dishes, especially seafood. Moreover, Maldives offers an extensive range of cuisines. Seafood includes snapper, tuna, and Lobster. All are yummy and made up of special aromatic herbs and spices. Additionally, they are highly famous across the world. 

Furthermore, they all come at incredible prices, so include this food. It may give Maldives tropical bliss with an unforgettable taste. 

Unique White Sand Beach

The Maldives is highly known for its white beaches, which are rare. Therefore, it presents only 5% of the entire world. So you can have a relaxing experience on those beaches. Besides, this sand is made of caroline, where you can play numerous activities like water volleyball and sand castle.

Therefore, you will get excellent fast food refreshments on the side along the shaks on the beach, and they provide numerous dishes and international drinks that make your visit an exquisite one. 

Maldivian Flag 

Maldivian Flag represents the Islamic religion, where the Flag consists of a green rectangular shape with a white crescent moon on it, enclosed by a red rectangle shape. Therefore, green represents prosperity and peace, whereas red shows the sacrifice of people who fight. Moreover, the moon shows Islamic culture. 

Wrapping Up

Henceforth, these are the significant aspects of this place for every newcomer. All these factors are the gem of Maldives, representing the culture and traditions. It would help if you visited between November and March when you got the best trip to Maldives from India

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