top five trekking places near Mumbai

Overview:  Trekking is one of the most adventurous activities to perform in Mumbai. About Mumbai, it’s an overwhelming city with a high population and a mixture of various state people who arrive here to complete the dream. That’s the reason Mumbai is said to be the dream city. Trekking and camping as their fandom in this city. Which gives a lot of memories to remember the visit. If you are peeking for treks near Mumbai that will not simply provide you an adrenaline wave but also outstanding image chances. Some of the top five trek points will give your trekking life an amazing experience. Those are Rajmachi Fort Trek, Lohagad Trek, Kalsubai Trek, Andharban Trek, Visapur Fort Trek, etc. Although there are various trek points in Mumbai, these are the top places to trek. 

Rajmachi Fort Trek:

Rajmachi Fort Trek is an ideal trekking trail in Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra, India. The touring path will not present you with various dangers but recall to protect yourself hydrated. The evening journeys to the palace are the greatly accomplished trek here as the path is simple and without any deviations. By carrying a torchlight, you will be prepared to complete at the height effortlessly. The total trek distances you will cover are approximately 15 kilometres. The Trek is an easy climb, hence all beginner trekkers can also accomplish it. The best time to perform this trek is during the Monsoon when the climate is more dramatic and makes your visit a memorable one. 

Lohagad Trek:

Lohagad Trek is important and you must try trekking trails in Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra, India. Lohagad Fort trek is one of the promising ends for trekking in Mumbai and has a bunch of admirers from all over the earth to overthrow the tricky path seizing us to the height. It is a multi-access palace from the base town. You can attain the root town by cab or bus or walk. This one-day journey near Mumbai, as adequately as evening journeys, is entirely significant for those who pursue having a tremendous journey here. The ideal month for trekking Monsoon. The total trek distances the trek will be covering is 95 kilometres approximately. It’s a moderately difficult trek. Which may be challenging to the beginner trekkers. 

 Kalsubai Trek:

Kalsubai trek is one fine example of an exciting trekking trip and adventure junkies would fall for the trails that are easy yet unpredictably amazing. Climb Kalsubai looks like it is the highest elevation in Maharashtra and thus it is considered to be one of the best places for trekking near Mumbai. The favourable time to trek over this is during the monsoon season. When the climate is charming and more enjoyable for trekking. The total trek distance a trekker will cover during this journey is probably 8 kilometres. This is an easy trek hence you can bring all your beginner trekker friends to join with you. 

Andharban Trek:

Andharban trek is a most amusing trek trail for the local tourist. Andharban trek is one of the unusual journeys in Sahyadri where the beginning and endpoints are various. The green-clad hills of western ghats and the Sahyadris compose considerable trekking paths through the wildernesses and to the prime, contributing extraordinary impressions of the monsoon-gifted region. Andharban forest will make you forget your heartbeat with the grand perspective of leafy cliffs and glowing chutes. You will stroll in the wilderness, getting on the decline for a time, there you will be prepared to see the greatly gorgeous perspective. 

 Visapur Fort Trek:

Visapur Fort Trek is a mesmerising and ideal trek point. Among the attractions, the Hanuman temple and the carvings are of delightful consequence and they are deemed to be a never-miss-out point. Furthermore, during monsoon, the trekking roads evolve a highly effective vow to give you indestructible pictures throughout the direction and it is one of the promising spots for trekking near Mumbai. The best time to perform this trek is during the monsoon season. In total, a trekker will be covering a distance of 120 kilometres approximately.


These are the most promising and top treks in Mumbai. Which can be accomplished with ease. Although there are a few treks that are of moderate difficulty level it is all worth the climb. The best and most adequate season to perform trekking in Mumbai is deemed as Monsoon season. It’s mandatory to maintain your mental and physical health fit before and after the trek. Since these are the greatest trekking attractions of the city of Mumbai try not to litter around as it is well maintained. These are the best trek points in Mumbai which will never dishearten your trekking experiences. 

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