8 Top Laravel Development Tools to Help Deliver Fast Web Apps

The PHP programming language has many frameworks that make developing in PHP easier and faster than ever before, but one framework, in particular, continues to stand out from the rest: Laravel. This well-maintained framework has inspired hundreds of thousands of other developers to create applications that are secure, reliable, scalable, and well-designed. If you’re using Laravel to develop your next web app, here are eight top Laravel development tools that you might find especially helpful.

1) PHPixie

PHPixie is a web framework for PHP which aims to be fast, lightweight and easy to use. It was inspired by Ruby’s Sinatra but written in 100% pure PHP. Its aim is not only to be very easy for developers to understand but also to allow them to quickly develop high-performance web applications with it. When working on a tight schedule, every millisecond counts! In terms of performance comparison, PHPixie is extremely competitive against other full-fledged frameworks such as Symfony2 or Zend Framework 2. For example, an app built with PHPixie will have up-to 20x higher performance than one built with CodeIgniter or Yii.

2) Codeception

Codeception provides a powerful and flexible web testing toolkit that can be easily integrated into your project. With Codeception, you can create complex acceptance tests for your application using BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) syntax. Codeception is based on well-known PHP testing frameworks such as SimpleTest and PHPUnit, but it is also a set of additional tools for functional/acceptance testing purposes.

3) LocaleText

With LocaleText, you can easily translate your website’s text into different languages. Localization is essential for developing a global web app, so it’s important to select a translation tool that offers access to native speakers from all over the world. With LocaleText, you can publish content in Spanish, French, Chinese and more. It also has tools for creating multilingual sites and managing translations – critical if you’re trying to scale your business globally.

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4) Form Requests

Form Requests is a package that makes it easy for you to collect input from users in forms and validate all of that form’s fields on submission. If a field has an error, Form Requests will flash it back to you in your form so you can fix it. It’s much faster than checking every field individually on submission, and your users will appreciate how quick your application is.

5) Package Control

Package Control is a de facto must-have tool in any web developer’s arsenal. This plugin is an essential PHP package manager for Sublime Text 3, which simplifies and speeds up your workflow when working with third-party extensions. It provides a clean interface that allows you to search, install and upgrade various packages with just a few clicks of your mouse. You can install Package Control using its official website or by manually entering code into your .sublime-settings file.

6) Paginator

Paginate your data in a few lines of code with Laravel’s out-of-the-box pagination classes. This makes it much easier to implement infinite scroll on your frontend, as well as make calls against large sets of data without needing to load everything all at once. Using Paginator feels natural and intuitive, making it easy for even beginning developers to take advantage of.

7) Blade Components

Blade components extend Blade to provide additional functionality, such as displaying a navigation menu on every page or defining footer content. The blade_component Artisan command will generate a new Blade component for you, so let’s create one.

8) Debugbar

Debugbar is a very helpful in-built tool that allows you see any PHP errors and log messages along with request and response data. It’s one of my favorite debugging tools for Laravel apps and I use it on most websites I build. There are many extensions available for it, but by default you get error logging, session variables, database queries, config variables and caching information displayed in an easy-to-read dashboard. It saves me so much time when building Laravel websites!

Conclusion –

Considering how competitive and ever-changing web development is, it’s understandable that developers look for ways of giving themselves an edge. As a result, it’s crucial to take advantage of new tools and technologies in your search for performance optimization. So how do you get ahead? By Hire Laravel developers, of course! With their many years of experience developing with one of PHP’s most popular frameworks , these professionals are perfect for keeping you on top.

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