Top Night Treks in India

A trekker explores and learns about the surroundings, difficulties, and challenges consciously or subconsciously which is a good method to relieve your stress along with your calories. Trekking comes under outdoor activity nowadays. The picturesque valley and pious environment make it an ideal destination for trekking. Here is the list of famous trekking sites that you can visit with your family or friends. Trekking at night is such a unique experience that you can never forget. Here are the top 5 places in India for night trekking — 

  • Skandagiri Night Trek

This trek is located 65 kilometres away from Bangalore and around 2 miles (3 km) from Chikkaballapur, the hills of Skandagiri are a popular spot for night trekking. India is a sign of pulchritude, and there are unlimited lovely places to embrace the beauty of India. 

Bangalore is called the Garden City of India, has quite a few hill stations around it that make for pleasant getaways. The night trek to Skandagiri is best between the winter months of Nov-Jan, although the summer months are also peaceful and adventurous. This place offers you to refresh and rejuvenate the energy in you. The night trek offers an amazing experience for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers in Skandagiri. The level of difficulty is moderate and the surrounding greenery and hills offer picturesque views all along.  

You can complete the trek in four to five hours. Kwara village in Chikkaballapur district is the base camp for the trek. The ancient temple Papagni is situated at the foothills and is one of the oldest shrines in Karnataka state. The entry to the trail is restricted and there is a limit of 40 trekkers per day. So, it is advised that you plan your trip well in advance. 

This will help you trek on the day you want. Forest department permission is compulsory. One can get it issued at the entrance of the trek’s starting point. Along the trail, you will not be able to find a single toilet. One can take some snacks, water, and juices, just in case.

The level of difficulty is moderate and the surrounding greenery and hills offer picturesque views all along. However, to conquer the peak, you should keep exercising and stay fit to ensure you have a memorable trekking experience.

2. Anthargange Trek (Karnataka)

It is located near Bangalore (65 km), amidst boulders. The trek starts at midnight and starts by finding a way through maze-like paths and large rocks leading to a cave. It is a 3 km long easy trek and it goes on to become challenging and even more fun. The summit lies at 1226 meters and offers breathtaking panoramic views of surrounding mountains.

3. Dhotrey – Tonglu Trek (West Bengal)

The route of this trek goes through lush green forests with aesthetic flowers and wild animals. It is Situated in Darjeeling, close to Singalila National Park in West Bengal. Dhotrey is a small village with a small number of people. The population is so limited that you can count them on your fingers. The trek goes on through Maneybhanjang, which is located at a height of 2134 m. March, April, May is the best time to go on this trek. Visit with your partner as this unique route is best enjoyed with your partner.

  1. Rajmachi Fort Trek (Maharashtra)

This is a famous one-day trek of Rajmachi Fort near Mumbai – Pune expressway in Maharashtra. During the monsoon when the waterfalls become active and the sky after a downpour looks simply mesmerizing but the roads on the route turn muddy to make it hard to ride a vehicle. There are many resting places on the route, where you can get tea and pakoras with a stunning view at some places. 

5. Harishchandragad Trek (Maharashtra)

It is known as a trekker’s paradise. The route of Harishchandragad Trek is popular among trekkers and adventure enthusiasts because of the flora and fauna found along the route. It is increasing the pride of pune by standing near Thane. It is also considered the best trekking spot by famous trekkers. 


Every year many tourists come from all over India to enjoy the trekking at these famous places. If you are a trek freak person then this place is indeed for you. These places will absorb all your anxieties and calories that make you feel refreshed and alive. This place is god-gifted that everyone should, once in their life, must visit. 

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