Top Virtual Summit Ideas to Make it More Effective!

Are you hosting a virtual summit? Do you have a fully customizable platform with external integrations? Are you looking for some ideas to make your virtual event more effective, engaging, and interactive? 

You can get the best features and functionalities with the top virtual summit platform. All you need to do is find the right solution that can provide attendees with a seamless and immersive experience at your virtual event. Moreover, the right and ideal elements can make your virtual event platform an excellent place for engagement, interaction, and networking opportunities. 

So you need to add such aspects to your virtual expo platform. Still wondering what elements to add to your virtual event? Here are several ideas that can be helpful to make your virtual summit or virtual office more effective

7 Top Virtual Summit Ideas to Make it More Effective!

7 Top ideas that can be helpful in making the virtual summit more engaging, communicating, and interactive are as follows: 

  1. Add Gamification

Games are the best way to create engagement and entertainment for the audience. The attendees need something that can make it more fun and enjoy staying at a virtual summit platform. That’s why the best virtual event solution provides AR/VR gamification for easy engagement of the users. It decreases the boredom of sitting for hours in front of your device screen and doing nothing. People can play games such as words with friends, cards against humanity, a virtual murder mystery game, codenames, categories, quiz up, DIY board games, jackbox games, and many more.

  1. Q&A Session

You can create a separate session for the attendees with numerous questions and doubts. As per the virtual fest platform experts, many organizers conduct a Q&A session to provide all the answers to the questions asked by the attendees during a virtual fest. Moreover, users can share all their doubts, and speakers will resolve them for the attendees in real-time. You can create a separate session for such topics as it can be beneficial for the attendees and speakers. They will wait for this session and ask questions. So, you do not have to worry about the questions in your other session. 

  1. 1:1 or Group Chat, Audio, or Video Call Options

Interaction is the base of every event. You have to include some features and functionalities that can be helpful in making your virtual events communicate. Moreover, the virtual conference platform provides built-in 1:1 or group chat options for everyone at the event. They can also use audio and video conferencing for a more clear and face-to-face conversation to get a more traditional physical event sense. Also, you can integrate various apps such as WhatsApp, BlueJeans, and Zoom Meeting for more convenient communication.

  1. Landing and Registration Pages

A landing page is helpful in turning your lead into a deal. It is direct transportation of the attendees from your virtual events to the purchase or book a demo page. You have to connect the landing page to the social media posts, other advertisements, and your registration page. Every virtual event needs a registration page. You can get complete freedom to add various elements to your registration page with the top virtual expo platform. For instance, you can add the headline, images, gifs, videos, a complete user form, internal & external links, a complete index [with date, time, speaker’s name, and topic], and a link to the landing page as soon as the user fills the registration page.  

  1. Branded Virtual Booths

Organizers can create various virtual booths for their virtual events. They can even offer such virtual booths to their sponsors and partners to leverage more and more sponsorships. This booth can be a replica of every brand where they can appoint a representative to attend to the users and answer all their questions. Moreover, they can represent all their services and products in their virtual booths. Also, they can use the logo, images, gifs, videos, teasers, trailers, and infographics to lure the attendees. A virtual booth can be helpful in getting more interested people to reach you and ask questions about the products they like. You can connect with them via audio or video call and compel them to take your service or product. 

  1. Entertaining Webinars

Everyone needs some enjoyment when it comes to organizing a webinar. So, the virtual summit platform gives you the opportunity to add some entertainment to your events. You can include some live performances in your event. For instance, you can add singing concerts, dance performances, stand-up shows, or so forth. Moreover, you can make the attendees stay at your event till the end with such entertaining elements. You can also add a pinch of entertainment that can be helpful in mouth publicity. The current attendees will definitely come back to your virtual events and even take more attendees with them next time. Also, it can be a beneficial aspect for more engagement in your event. 

  1. Integrate Social Media

Social media is the best way to reach a global audience and promote anything. You can use various social media platforms for marketing your ads, upcoming events, products, services, etc. Moreover, you can create different posts, hashtags, and videos to promote your virtual events. Also, you can add a social wall to your virtual event. It can be helpful in displaying all your social media posts and comments in real-time. All the attendees can see your company’s social media profile, posts, and comments to increase some interaction and engagement in the virtual event.  

So, these are the top ideas that can be helpful in making your virtual events more effective. You can add these features and functionalities to your virtual summit platform in order to increase engagement, interaction, and entertainment at your event. Attendees will enjoy such virtual events filled with the best elements, providing a better user experience and 100% safety and security. 

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to know all the ideas that can be helpful in making your virtual summit more effective in 2022!

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