Tp Link AC2600 Extender Not Showing In WiFi List? Reasons & Keys!

Are you fed up with the weak Wi-Fi range and Wi-Fi dead zone in your home? In this situation, the user will not be able to complete your task. Then, to avoid such a situation, you can install the Tp Link AC2600 extender with your WiFi router. Because it is a great & superior choice to expand the Wi-Fi range. The range extender of the tp-link brand is completely extending the internet in your home & offers an extended network area. With the help of the tp-link ac2600 WiFi range extender, you will be capable of improving the range of your Wi-Fi. The predominant feature of this range extender is, it complies with all brands of router, gateway, & access point. The Quad antennas are built-in on the range extender that offers ultimate coverage for all rooms & also areas of your home. 

Moreover, if you agree to improve or extend the range of your Wi-Fi device, then you have to perform the tp link ac2600 setup. Although, the setup of the range extender is simple & not complex because it is a plugin device. Then you can easily install & configure without using any cable. 

Predominant reasons: Tp Link AC2600 Extender not showing in the WiFi list 

Before starting the topmost reason relevant to the tp-link extender’s network not showing in the WiFi list issue, you need to know some reasons. Because after knowing some major issues, it becomes easy for you to solve the issue. So let’s start with some of the issues due to which shows are not included in Extender’s WiFi network list.

  • Maybe the distance between the tp-link extender & router is more. This is a contributing factor due to the WiFi network not showing on the WiFi list.
  • The other reason is the WiFi range extender does not have to plug into the power supply properly.
  • Half or impartial Tp-link extender setup
  • You have not connected the AC2600 WiFi extender to the router
  • The firmware you are using may be outdated of the router  
  • Additionally, the firmware of the range extender is also outdated
  • The power button of the ACV2600 range extender is not switched ON 
  • You have not configured the range extender

Ultimate solutions: Tp Link AC2600 Extender Not Showing In WiFi List

After knowing the major issue, you will be capable of resolving the issue instantly. Through the given-below steps & following these steps you absolutely resolve the issue. 

Plug the AC2600 range extender into the power supply, again 

If the tp-link extender’s network is not showing in the WiFi list, So this issue could be because your extender is not plugged into the power supply properly. Then, for this, you need to enclose the range extender into the power supply, again. Firstly, you have to unplug the range extender from the power supply, if it is connected. Now, you have to leave the extender for a few minutes. After that, you have to take the tp-link extender & put it into the power supply. Additionally, push the power button & completely switch on the power. 

Connect the Tp-link ac2600 extender to the home router

The second solution is you have to connect your range extender to the home router. To completely connect the extender to the router, you can use an Ethernet cable. Because the Ethernet connection is more secure than the wireless connection. You have to take both ends of the proper Ethernet cable. Then, firstly, you have to plug the one end into the port of your range extender. The other part of this same cable is to be plugged into your home router’s LAN port. 

Relocate the range extender

You can also resolve the issue by relocating the range extender. Because many times, the position of your range extender is not correct. Then, for this, you can simply be relocating your range extender. You have to place your range extender into the cool area & also the wet area. The position of the range extender is closer to the router. After that, it works perfectly & also extends the network range. 

Switch off the tp link ac2600 extender & again switch ON

To resolve the “ Wi-Fi network is not showing in the WiFi list” you can restart the range extender. Additionally, you can also solve multiple issues like not working, not connecting to the router, & more by following this solution. For this, you have to disclose the range extender from the power supply & leave the extender for a few times. After some minutes, you have to enclose the range extender into the power supply, again. 

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