Understanding Cyber Threat Management by Trojan Hunt India

Cyber threat management or threat management is a popular framework that is used by companies offering cyber security services. These services are for managing the threats’ life cycle to locate and fix the same with great accuracy and speed. The foundation of this service is a flawless integration between technology, process, and people. But before you opt for these services by connecting with a professional firm such as Trojan Hunt India, it is good to know some of its crucial aspects beforehand.

Below, we have highlighted the same. So, keep on reading.

Importance of Cyber Threat Management

Several studies have been done where results show that organizations that have identified the threat or breach sooner were in a better position as they prevent a significant financial loss. And when the number of cyber threats, attacks, and other risks is constantly increasing, companies and businesses are not able to keep up with that.

Hence, threat management becomes an important aspect to focus on. By choosing the right service provider, they can actually improve the collaboration and provide their firm with the best possible chances to detect any threat in the beginning only and fix it immediately before it brings any issues. This will not only help in quick detection and fast solution but provide chances for constant improvements with enhanced team skills and higher confidence.

What are the main challenges?

We all know that cyber threats are all around. But even after this, it becomes hard for businesses to locate the same. Do you know the reasons? According to the experts of Trojan Hunt India, it can have the following challenges that are making its way difficult:

Lack of proper visibility Here visibility is associated with the threat landscape, its relevant contexts such as database, cloud, users, and external data such as dark web, social media, etc. And a security team working within the firm does not have complete visibility of these. This is one of the reasons why most cyber threats are often neglected or not even checked unless they bring significant losses.

  • Lack of insight

Most security teams are not aware of the fact that which KPI they are actually tracking and how can they get the right metrics. Since there is no easy method available to create reports, it becomes harder for them to show progress against the standards and compliance. This is one of the reasons why the complexities of Information Technology are counted among the biggest challenges of security.

  • Shortage of skills

The market is lacking the right professionals for this work. With the lack of skills and qualified executives, businesses are facing issues in their cyber security framework.

Best Threat Management Practices

Locating and fixing cyber threats and related issues promptly and efficiently is the best way to succeed and grow businesses. Some effective and successful practices followed by professionals such as Trojan Hunt India of this framework include the following:

  • Insight: It helps in understanding the ongoing threat operations so that they can be altered as per the organizational needs.
  • Visibility: The visibility of possible cyber threats is checked.
  • Detection: Most critical cyber threats are detected to prepare an action plan.
  • Investigation: It is conducted with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advanced analytics.
  • Response: Result-driven responses are being prepared to deal with the threats detected.

Final thoughts

In case your firm is going through the same or struggling with anything related to cyber security, it is good to connect with Trojan Hunt India immediately. With a team of highly skilled and capable cyber security experts and cyber threat managers, they will pinpoint the possible risks and implement suitable solutions.

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