Using Red Lobster’s Facebook Page As A Model, Here Are 4 Takeaways

It’s because we do things a little differently here at Red Lobster Lunch Menu. In other words, Red Lobster Specials clever play on words establishes the seafood chain’s Facebook page as one that treats followers, regular customers, and newcomers in a different way than its competitors. 

Is there anything you can learn from the success of Red Lobster Specials that you can apply to your own firm, whether you’re in the food sector or something else?

“Lob Star Of The Week” Effect

Red Lobster Lunch Menu LobStar of the Week feature is one of the greatest ways to use social networking. Photo of Red Lobster Specials diner in an unusual manner enjoying their dinner and turning in a photo for consideration as a LobStar, who gets their picture displayed in a special frame on the brand page’s cover image, is what is known as a “LobStar.”

They have shown in photos clutching snow crab legs in between their fingers and using cheddar bay biscuits as eyes. Christine Friar, the most recent LobStar, was shown wearing shrimp earrings. 

As a Tumblr blogger and a contributor to Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Christine is also a contributor to her own popular Tumblr blog, Drink Your Juice, where she shares photos of her first Red Lobster Lunch Menu experience with friends and followers alike in the hopes that one of them will be chosen as the LobStar of the Week. 

In less than a month, Christine reported back to her blog that she had been selected as the LobStar of the Week and would be featured on Facebook’s cover picture for the next seven days. Christine’s Tumblr and Twitter posts about her pleasant experience with Red Lobster Specials likely increased traffic and visitors to the Red Lobster Specials Facebook page and may have even motivated additional fans to submit their own photos for consideration as LobStars.

2) “Purchase Gift Cards”

Regardless of the size of the firm, social media must be able to provide some type of return on investment (ROI). Through Facebook, customers may buy Red Lobster Coupon eGift Cards, which can be used at any time, 24/7. Alternatively, you may post a link to the gift on the recipient’s Facebook profile or send it to them through email. 

The opportunity to record a voice message and choose a card style based on the occasion, whether it’s a birthday or a thank you, makes these gift cards even more customized. Doesn’t that make the typical Red Lobster Specials gift card rack at the grocery store appear a little boring?

3) Pictures Of Food. Pictures Of Food Have Become So Commonplace.

If it makes you drool, you’re probably going to like it. If you decide to dine out instead of cooking for the night, then the photos are doing their job. As long as you can see how much the meal you’re drooling over costs and what time of day you can get your hands on it, then the photos have done their job well. 

It’s usually a Red Lobster Specials idea for any company to post photos of their products or cuisine on their Facebook page since it encourages people to like and comment quickly. Include information about where and how they may get the items they want.

4) Actively Interact With Your Fans

If you don’t strike up a discussion, you can’t assume they’ll remain or respond. In addition to wishing customers a happy holiday season, Red Lobster Lunch Menu often asks how they are celebrating, promotes entry into their video competitions, and tackles problems that arise inside the firm or that are brought to the attention of the public by fans rather than just ignoring them. 

It’s safe to assume that Red Lobster Lunch Menu imaginative and well-maintained Facebook page is right up there with the company’s great seafood offerings when it comes to its sense of pride and enthusiasm.

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