Viva Connections: Taking Employee Communication to Next Level

Microsoft Viva Connections is your entry point to a modern workforce experience that keeps everyone involved and informed. Viva Connections is a Microsoft Teams customizable app that provides everyone with a personalized location. This is essential for discovering important news, conversations, and the tools they need to succeed.

Viva Connections leverages the power of SharePoint Online to enable enterprise-wide communications and boost collaboration. It enables you to connect with other teams and communities within your organization. Thus, creating a communal, safe environment where you feel like you belong. You will not feel limited to your team as you network with the larger teams surrounding you.

Using Microsoft Viva Connections to Promote Inclusion

One of the disadvantages of remote work is the sense of isolation and separation that people can have from their coworkers. Working remotely does not provide the same opportunity for social connection and bonding as working in an office does.

Viva Connections, Microsoft Viva’s company-focused connection, and communication platform intend to bridge this gap by giving team members more opportunity to communicate. They want to achieve this by using an interface comparable to social networking platforms. This relieves the pressure of maintaining professional contacts solely through emails and allows for more casual involvement. 

Inclusion and empowerment culture

Viva Connections, which is built on SharePoint Online, allows you to communicate feedback, thoughts, and ideas across your digital environment. Your voice may be heard, and your ideas can contribute to the success of your organization. Viva Connections can alleviate some of the emotions of isolation that remote workers may feel within your organization. As well as improve interactions between individuals, supervisors, and leaders.

Well-being is essential

Organizations value employee well-being more than ever before. Employee happiness is critical not only to reduce the risk of burnout; but also to ensure the success of a firm.

Around 60% of individuals report feeling less connected to their colleagues since transitioning to remote work and feeling isolated can reduce productivity by 20%. Organizations must guarantee that their staff is both successful and happy, especially because hybrid working is here to stay. Wellbeing apps can be integrated into Viva Connections dashboards to encourage a greater focus on personal growth and enough mental health breaks.

Furthermore, having easier access to company-wide social media channels like Yammer can enhance staff engagement and willingness to participate in discussions; whether they are business-related or light-hearted. Improving internal communication can help employees feel like they are a part of the team regardless of where they work. 

Viva Connections acts as a digital portal for building a dynamic, modern employee experience that engages and informs your whole organization while providing everyone with the tools they require. It makes it easier for employees to communicate with one another, stay on top of things, and be their best selves. A method for everyone to interact and feel empowered to share their valued opinions and ideas.

The path to your company’s success

Viva Connections may improve communication and collaboration among colleagues across your organization, and it can have a significant impact on how your firm functions and its accomplishments. Your employees may be more engaged and empowered by unifying their visions, missions, and strategic priorities in one location with Microsoft Viva Connections.

It is critical to feel heard and connected in a potentially lonely, distant working environment. Viva Connections can make remote employees feel more involved, leading to increased emotions of worth and inclusion. Employees will thrive in a pleasant environment.

Why Is Viva Connections So Important for Your Organization?

Companies that share and build on their employees’ contributions are the most successful. With Viva Connections, you can engage the entire team from any device, sharing news, conversations, and tasks to keep everyone up to date on workflows.

Viva Connections makes it simple to access information and share unique viewpoints, knowledge, and ideas. Video and live events can highlight key moments and initiatives while presenting stories and messages in the organization’s true voice. This can help deliver a more personalized experience for your teams. To further connect people around your organization’s vision, purpose, and strategic priorities, the app is easily customizable to your organization’s identity, goals, and style.

Microsoft Viva Connections is a tailored and branded place for connecting and engaging your people and teams. Whether they are a leader seeking to communicate with employees through company town halls or an employee seeking to access anything from company news, policies, and benefits on resource groups or communities.

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