Want To Sell Old Sarees? Follow These Tips To Get The Best Value

The saree reflects the tradition of India and holds a special place in it. Since ancient times, it has been here and evolved through time. There is no Indian woman who doesn’t have a dedicated space in her wardrobe for a remarkable collection of sarees. The six-yard of grace makes women crazy while buying, and they will never be enough. However, fashion changes, and it starts to look mundane. That is where “OLDZARI” comes in. If you want to sell old sarees, then it is a platform you must visit.

As the wedding season has arrived, now is the time to upgrade your wardrobe with beautiful silk sarees. Be it a fancy designer saree or a handloom, a saree adds beauty to the one who drapes it. But wait, what about the old silk sarees that are kept in the trunk but are too outdated now? Well, you can put old sarees for selling online to make space for a fresh saree collection. To online resell your saree, it is necessary to maintain them and keep them in good condition.

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How to Maintain a silk saree?

It is necessary to maintain a sheen and quality of a silk saree or pure zari saree if you want to sell old sarees in the future. There are platforms like “OLDZARI” where you can easily exchange old sarees for cash. Here are a few tips for maintaining the quality and grace of silk saree for years-

  • Do not store your Zari saree with any other fabric saree. Always wrap the Zari silk saree in a muslin or pure cotton cloth, and keep them in a separate space to increase their longevity. You can also use soft towels too. There are saree bags made of cotton fabric available in the market. Do not use polyester or other material saree bag to store silk saree.
  • Air dry them after every use. There are also ways to wash them. If you feel confident to do so, then go ahead and wash them once in a while. Do not dry them out in the sun. Hang in a shaded area. Choosing dry cleaning over self-wash is a safer option when it comes to silk sarees.
  • Another tip to follow to sell old silk Saree in Bangalore is to fold the Zari saree carefully without damaging the work. It is a good idea to fold Zari’s work inward. It helps to preserve the sheen.
  • To protect the silk saree from fold tears, make sure to open it and refold it every three-four months. It prevents the saree from tearing at the fold lines.
  • Colour fading is another factor that needs to keep in check. Hence, to prevent colour fading in zari saree, store them in a cold (not damp), dry, and dark place.
  • If you have space in your home, then you can hang your silk sarees. It will prevent wrinkles in the saree and is the best way to store them, leaving them to hang in the air in a cupboard. But, do not use metal hangers are they can react with silk and leave a rust stain.
  • To maintain old sarees for selling in the future, the most necessary thing is to use naphthalene balls to keep silverfish and moths away from them. But, do not keep naphthalene balls in direct touch with the saree, as they can do discoloration. For an organic way, use neem leaves.
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Final Words

Now that you know how to maintain a zari silk saree, you must be thinking about where to sell them. OLDZARI is India’s first online platform where you can sell your old zari silk saree in exchange for cash and get the best value for it. It is a place where you will get the best deal for your used saree with a hassle-free experience. So, now sell your sarees without any hassle or worries because OLDZARI is here to offer the best prices with a hassle-free saree-buying process.

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