What Does Independent Filmmaking Means

The process of making an independent film is the equivalent of starting your own business. It is clear from the beginning the amount of work it’s likely to be, and how much work you’ll have to complete each day. The process of making an independent movie can be a difficult and intricate procedure. Making a good one is even more challenging.

Maintaining a close watch on budgets helps in ensuring that the whole project is in line with its goals without anything being over budget or ignoring important elements.

If you are an independent filmmaker, you’ll need to come up with creative methods to shoot at the go, and movie studios for a reasonable price. In this case, say, you could decide to make use of an GoPro or even your smartphone to shoot some videos instead of hiring a professional.

Most of the time the time, using an iPhone camera can be the ideal camera for filmmakers who are independent! You can also opt for the “guerrilla” style of filmmaking and not need any equipment. It is possible to take the equipment and use it from another person.

If you’re thinking of taking this path be sure to do your homework and know what you are getting into. There are plenty of excellent books, articles, as well as blog posts about filmmaking regarding the subject are available before beginning the process.

What Is An Independent Film?

An independent film could be a feature-length film or a short movie. It’s made without the support of a large production company or studio. Independent films typically have less money than other films. Independent filmmakers are able to spend anything between the smallest amount of money to several million dollars for the film.

For instance, Slumdog Millionaire by short film ideas Danny Boyle was budgeted at $15 million. Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez’s Blair Witch Project had a budget of $60,000. Jason Reitman’s Juno was budgeted at $6.5 million. Each of these films is classified as independent films.

In the case of the production of independent films, you must be aware of some aspects that must be taken into consideration when conducting these. Independent films do not necessarily require a large budget but you must make sure the script is excellent in addition. Here are a few factors to consider when creating a film for yourself as an independent filmmaker.

The Script

If you’re an indie filmmaker or are a major studio, you need to be focused upon the story. It is a standard practice that independent filmmakers allow filmmakers more control over the content. But, you can’t eliminate yourself from the process of making films particularly with regards to scripts and stories.

Reading the script is crucial. If the film needs to be shot in different locations or top-quality extra effects this could cost more than you can afford.

The Budget Of Production

Before you embark on the process of creating an independently-produced film it is essential to know the total budget for the production. It is vital to know the amount of money your film needs to be produced and the amount you’ll need to contribute in your capacity as an independent filmmaker.

If you are unable to find an independently-owned studio, or a financial director to finance your film, you’ll need to find ways to raise the funds.

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