What Happens if My Automobile Doesn’t Pass Its MOT Luton?

Your car poses a risk to traffic safety or could have an adverse effect on the environment if it has any serious or severe flaws. If your car fails the MOT Luton in either of these cases, you shouldn’t drive it and you need to get the repairs done immediately; otherwise, your car won’t get considered as being legally roadworthy.

Can I Still Operate My Automobile if the MOT fails?

No. Doing so would endanger both yourself and other drivers on the road. You must rectify those issues before you get back behind the wheel because if you are caught driving a car with a major or dangerous fault, you will get fined up to £2,500.

What is an MOT Failure?

Your car could fail its MOT for a number of reasons. Here, we go through some of the most well-known car components and discuss whether or not they might be problematic for you when it comes to your exam.


Will a Windscreen With a Crack Fail an MOT?

Yes, a cracked windscreen may result in an MOT failure. Any cracks in the driver’s field of view may only be 10 mm in size. The maximum for everywhere else is 40mm. Get any cracks fixed before you go for your MOT since even the smallest chips might eventually cause your windscreen to shatter.

Can Windshield Wipers Cause an MOT failure?

Yes. Your ability to see properly out of your windscreen is actually hampered if your wipers got damaged, missing, or ineffective. In that situation, it’s conceivable that your car will develop a serious defect and fail its MOT.

Do Oil Leaks Cause an MOT to Fail?

An oil leak can indicate a failed MOT, depending on the problem’s seriousness. A minor fault for a little leak is there, along with a suggestion to have the issue resolved as soon as feasible. A larger significant leak, however, could lead to a significant flaw and failure.

Will a Light With a Crack Fail an MOT?

The DVSA reports that the most frequent causes of MOT failures are lights. Make sure you check them beforehand and replace any broken bulbs, as blown bulbs for headlights, brake lights, fog lights, or reverse lights could all get classified as serious faults. It is best to have cracked covers examined before your test because they might also impact the pattern of light shining through.

Can Tyres Cause an MOT Failure?

Yes. Your tyres’ tread depth must be 1.6mm or greater to pass your MOT. However, once the depth reaches 3mm, you should replace them since, after that point, a tire’s ability to stop is significantly reduced.

Can an Airbag Light Cause a Car to Fail an MOT?

Yes. Your car will fail its MOT if the airbag light is on. The airbags may not have deployed even though the signal is on, which could indicate an electrical problem. Alternatively, it can have a minor mishap and only has to be reset. A qualified mechanic would need to examine both of these problems.

Do Loud Exhausts Cause MOT failure?

Your vehicle may have a significant flaw and will fail its MOT if your exhaust is specifically found to be “unreasonably above the level you’d expect from a similar vehicle with a standard silencer in typical condition.”

If the Abs Light is on, Would the Vehicle Fail Its MOT?

To keep you safe when you apply the brakes unexpectedly, the anti-lock braking system slows down your vehicle more gradually. Since the law has required it for many years, your car will fail its MOT if your ABS light is on, and you must fix the problem before you can resume driving.

Will an MOT Fail if a Wing Mirror Broke?

Your car will receive a significant defect and fail its MOT if the driver-side wing mirror is missing, severely damaged, or unstable. A failure will not occur if the passenger-side wing mirror gets broken or missing. The problem should resolve as quickly as possible because it could make maneuvers or lane changes exceedingly dangerous.

Will a Bumper With Damage Fail an MOT?

Depending on how severe the injury is. For instance, your car is unlikely to fail its MOT if your bumper is only mildly dented or scuffed. It will get categorized as a serious defect if it’s disconnected, and a major fault if it is unstable or has damage that could injure someone if they come in contact with it.

Are Caution Lights an MOT Failure?

Turning on any warning lights will indeed cause your MOT Luton to fail. If anything on your dashboard illuminates, you should have it checked out right away because it can indicate a serious issue with your car

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