What is a Handheld Fiber Laser Marking System?

Handheld Fiber Laser Marking System is a type of portable equipment that emanates with a laser head and is movable, enabling you for marking parts in any direction. This fiber laser marking machine has a 2D work table for the purpose of micro-adjustment of marking patterns that get performed during the marking procedure.


The work table and control button have been set on the front cover of the cabinet to save space. This machine has been considered appropriate for long-distance marking and large workpieces. The mark included in this laser marking machine is beautiful, distinct, and never gets disappeared. In this regard, we have offered the best marking machine which uses innovative technology and produces the best outcomes. 


It possesses good exceptional attributes that are durable and last for a longer time, functions more than 30,000 hours. Morn Tech USA-based fiber laser marking machine needs minimum maintenance. 


Why you should opt for a Handheld Fiber Laser Marking System


There are various reasons why you must opt for a Fiber Laser Marking System and this has been vividly described below:-


  • Firstly, the laser marking machine has been considered a trusted and reliable system that effectively delivers the best of outcomes, and as the system has a portable feature, therefore, it becomes extremely easier for you to function or operate.


  • Secondly, the laser machine is durable enough, and therefore, for this reason, lasts for a longer duration and another point is that it does not require any maintenance because it is cost-effective.


  • Thirdly, the equipment concerning fiber laser marking systems is eco or environment friendly which makes most of the industries opt for this Handheld Fiber Laser Marking System. 


  • Besides, this laser marking machine has a comprehensive, holistic and versatile approach and can easily work with many materials like plastic, metal, ceramic, etc. 


What are some of the essential characteristics of a Handheld Fiber Laser Marking System


Some of the essential features of the fiber laser marking machine has been enlisted below. So, let us have a quick glimpse of it in detail:- 



  • The laser head of a laser marking system is movable:- As the laser marking machine has a movable laser head, therefore it has offered a wider range of works that are not restricted to a stationary or fixed working position.




  • It has a well-diversified application:- Fiber laser marking machine has offered wide application features and effectively handles both non-metal and metal materials.




  • Long lifetime:- This machine enjoys long lifetime access and has an advanced laser generator, more than 100,000h. 




  • Stand out performance:- This laser machine has made an effective stand out performance and has a uniform standard making quality with a higher speed up to 7000mm/s, 2 to three times higher than traditional marking.




  • Lower consumption:- The electro-optic rate of conversion is up to 30%, the consumption of power is lowered by 3 to 10 times when gets compared with YAG laser. The laser marking machine is environmental- friendly and saves the consumption of energy.  



What are some of the advantages of using a fiber laser marking machine? 


With the vigorous growth of social production and the enhancement of people’s standard of living, people are aware of various kinds of technological products and machines. Besides, they compare the prices of different products with the traditional machines. 


And after going through a detailed investigation, you have come to know about the importance of fiber laser marking machines which have been widely used nowadays. This machine is not only used in industries but also in private factories used by self-employed people. So, the essential advantages of fiber laser marking machines have been briefly discussed below. Let us look into it. 


  • It has a one-piece chassis design and has been considered appropriate for a wide range of products and gets easily processed both non-metal and metal materials. 


  • It is easier to understand the software operations which requires no maintenance
  • The marking speed is faster and trademarks, QR codes, patterns of different symbols can be easily marked.


  • The images and texts marked by laser are beautiful, distinct, smooth, last longer, and do not fade away on account of the quality of the environment. 


  • This machine can work easily in harsh weather or climate. 


Key points to be taken away:-


Hope you have understood the significance of the laser marking system, its features, and its benefits. Still, if you find it difficult to understand concerning our services feel free to ask via email we are here to help you. 

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