What Jobs Can I Get with a Master’s in UI/UX Design Course?

User Interface Design (UI Design) is about appearance, aesthetics, visual styling of an app or website or a video game. UI Designer is responsible for designing each individual screen, page, buttons users click on, icons, its arrangement, transitions, typography, interface animations, colour schemes as well as any other micro interactions etc. Due to these design choices, end user are able to determine intuitively, the button that needs to be swiped or clicked or tapped for “call to action”. Furthermore, UI Designer also decides whether the users can navigate utilizing Voice-Controlled Interface or Gesture Based Interface or Graphical User Interface. Thus they ensure that the end user has a convenient & unrivaled experience, thereby strengthening brand.

 User Experience (UX) Design pertains to user’s experience with the website or app. In their pursuit to offer users the logical, efficient, & pleasant experience, UX Designers must gain insights about the end user, their tastes, needs & preferences through rigorous research & analysis. Furthermore, they also evaluate the market dynamics, competition and socio cultural factors and accordingly design wire frame, Information architecture, prototypes etc. and follow it up with testing, thereby make sure that user has a positive experience, thus leading to positive brand perception. 

UI/UX Design holds customer attention, improves consumer satisfaction & enhances web traction, thereby building brand recall and growing the top-line as well as the bottom-line of the business. 

Skills gained: 

  • Research & Analytical skills
  • Wire framing, prototyping & testing skills
  • Coding Skills
  • Information architecture skills
  • Visual communication skills


  • As of April 2022, globally there are over 5 billion internet users.
  • By 3rd quarter of 2022:
    • On Google Play app store, Android users could explore 3.55 million apps
    • On Apple app store, IOS users could discover approximately 1.6 million apps
  • It is predicted that by 2026, globally number of mobile 5G subscription is expected to jump to 5 billion.
  • In 2022, Indian gaming market was at approx. $2.6 billion. It is predicted to rise at CAGR of 27% jumping to $8.6 billion by 2027. 
  • Approximately there are over 2 billion websites in the world.  

Immense scope in UI/UX Design has made it a popular career choice. 

Career Prospects post Masters in UI/UX Design: 

Masters in UI/UX Design offers huge prospects. We are listing few of them here:

  • Interaction Designer: His role entails mapping out the varied interaction’s user may have to undertake while dealing with the digital products like apps & websites in pursuit of accomplishing objectives. Accordingly, he not only develops interactive prototypes, but also tests the user experience.
  • User Researcher: To efficiently design the product and ensure customer delight, research and analysis are conducted to figure out the insights into the lives of end customers, their likes & dislikes, the market scenario, the offerings by the competition etc.
    • Responsibilities: 
      • Conduct user interviews, surveys, and relevant study 
      • Evaluate competition and the market dynamics
      • Define user journey
      • Arrange usability tests  
  • Usability Analyst: His role is of vital importance through the entire product lifecycle. He analyses not only the existing glitches, but also the likely concerns the end users might face while operating the product and also offers a solution. His inputs help shape the product during its entire product lifecycle.   

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