What makes digital marketing agencies unique?

Broadly speaking, digital marketing agencies are unable to differentiate themselves from one another. The services are the same, the product level is the same, even the costs are somewhat the same.

To tell you all the truth, most of them use the same platforms, report the same type of statistics and have the same kind of conversations with their clients. So it begs the question, what makes a digital marketing agency unique? What makes a digital marketing agency different from the rest? Is it the product? Or is it the cost?

As consumers become increasingly tech-savvy and reliant on their smartphones, more companies are investing in digital strategies to remain competitive.

The good news is that industry specialists provide helpful information about current developments and trends in digital marketing.

As a result, strategists can discover practical pointers and suggestions for creating campaigns that precisely satisfy the requirements of their target audience.

Digital marketing – Arts and Science 

The inconsistent and still changing world of digital marketing needs to be considered a blend of arts and science. The advertiser’s instincts combined with the measurable data of the online platforms. As we surrender to science, we are but left with art. The art of creativity, the art of communication, and probably, most important, the art of strategy. We mean that tools, platforms, and services do not make a digital marketing agency unique. Put simply, what makes an agency unique – and what we are left with – is all very human.

Saying that the people make an agency unique hardly answers the border question. The difference here is a fine line between motivating people to focus on these skills and letting go of the wheel.

If an employee’s point of view regarding what makes a plausible strategy varies significantly from the next, how can any agency claim to be unique?

The “art” of digital marketing still needs to be explained. We would argue that the “approach” makes an agency unique.


The most successful digital marketing agencies generate their workflows around getting the time and space for thinking. Each one of these agencies has an established and unique approach to strategy. And this strategy is not limited to a few seniors and exists at all levels. The strategy is passed down; its evaluation is passed back up – everyone is happy, contributes, and helps develop the approach. But, most importantly, thinking is believed and held up as a critical part of the strategy or service and is not just considered as something which would be “nice to have.” If the agency is too busy working to set some time aside to think, then they are not servicing the client properly.

If you are associated with a digital marketing agency and have read this far, then humor us a little further. Gather your seniors around a table and ask them to write down what their USP is. Then, underneath that, ask them to write down how they make sure to deliver the USP to the client. Do you all agree on the same USP? Do you all agree on how it is best to deliver it?

If there is a difference, then it indicates that something more formal needs to be put in place because as AI continues to take over, these USPs are all you have left.

End Note

Make sure that every time clients use your services; they have confidence in your ability to provide something unique. A top-notch digital marketing agency must be able to develop effective, lasting, yet innovative strategies. A crucial component of modern society is digital marketing.

You are powerless without digital marketing.

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