What’s the difference between a call center and an outsourcing company?


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You might have observed that the terms ‘BPO’ (business process outsourcing) and ‘call center’ are often used interchangeably. Many people mistakenly believe that call center and BPO services are synonymous, and they treat them as if they were one and the same.

Despite the fact that these terms are related, they are not interchangeable. Whether your company is classified as a BPO or a contact center, knowing the difference will help you improve how you run it.

Let’s look at the fundamental differences and similarities between call centers and BPO firms so you can make more informed decisions.  

What is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

Business Process Outsourcing 

It’s crucial to know what each of these sorts of organizations is before comparing and contrasting them.

First, there’s the BPO. 

A business processing outsourcing organization is hired to complete work that another company may not have the time or human resources to complete. This is usually done to free up time for staff to focus on other activities and cut labor costs. 

The cost of partnering with a BPO business is significantly lower than the cost of directly employing in-house personnel to perform the same tasks.

What is a Call Center?

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A call center handles communications-related operations for a company. From cold call management software to contact center solutions, India is a global hotspot for call center operations. It is typically focused on telecommunications using call center software in India. 

Aavaz for example offers the best call center software in India for call centers and businesses. A modern call center includes everything from email to chat, instant messaging tools, and video calling. 

The most well-known application of a call center is a major company’s telemarketing operation that typically uses cold call management software. 

Call centers are utilized for a variety of functions. This includes research, customer service, technical support, medical advice, and more. 

The Distinction Between Call Centers and BPO Companies

The Difference in Functionality 

The difference in functionality 

A call center is responsible for telecommunications-related activities for a customer’s business using the best call center software in India. On the other hand, business processing outsourcing is responsible for a plethora of tasks that are not limited to communications. 

Another key distinction between call centers and BPO companies in the location of their primary activities. 

A business processing outsourcing company works behind the scenes while a call center works at the front line. A call center focuses on interacting with customers and providing excellent customer support.

Some front-office jobs might be shared between BPO businesses, but call center agents never handle many back-end processes.

Some of these include:

  • Research into the market
  • Technical assistance
  • Marketing and sales
  • Customer service
  • Recovery and collection
  • Surveys for data entry
  • Payments
  • Finance\sAccounts
  • Management responsibilities

BPO services primarily focus on finance and accounting, sourcing and procurement, knowledge-based services, and more. 

The basic function of a call center is to keep existing customers happy and persuade the potential ones through calling. BPO, on the other hand, manages your relationship with the customers and your core back-end business functions. 

The Difference in Work Divisions

The difference in work division between BPO and call center 

Two types of processes typically handled BPO services. These are back-end processes and front-end processes. 

The back-end process includes data entry, management, payments, surveys, and more.

The front office processes include customer management services. This is done through social media, phone, email, AI-based chatbots, and more. It includes telemarketing, appointment setting, customer support, inbound and outbound sales, and help desk services.

Most BPOs offer front-office processes and call center outsourcing options.

A call center is different. Call center outsourcing service providers handle just the front office processes. These processes are typically limited to incoming and outgoing calls. 

Call centers receive incoming calls from customers. So, call centers receive calls to resolve the customer issues. Call centers can also make outgoing calls. These outbound calls made by agents are to persuade potential customers to buy your company’s product or service.

The Difference In Need

The difference in need

A call center is needed for direct customer interaction and to nurture a company’s relations with its customers. 

BPOs, on the other hand, are hired for working on the back end and the front office work of a company. This is to build a social presence through online reputation management. It may or may not involve interacting with the customers. 

They handle the core, non-core, and parts of those processes to improve their functioning and lower costs.


There are many different types of BPOs services, not all of them exclusively call centers. While call centers play a significant part in many of these services, tasks like human resources and accounting aren’t done through call centers.

Many corporations are outsourcing to competitors on a worldwide scale, with India being a hotspot for outsourcing destinations.

Whether you’re a call center or a BPO, you’ll need the best call center software in India to not only survive but thrive. This is the only way to keep your customers satisfied. You’ll also require cold call management software, among other things, to provide your employees with the most up-to-date technologies.

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