When should you book central air conditioning services in Dearborn

Central air conditioning systems are not like regular air conditioners. The air is cooled at one corner of the building and transported to the whole building. This requires a significant length of air vents. Also, the air conditioner in this case is pretty larger than a personal one. But after all, they are electronic devices and hence need to be maintained. To prevent the air conditioner from malfunctioning on a hot summer afternoon, look out for these signs so that you can book central air conditioning services in Dearborn in time. 

  1. The air conditioner is short cycling

If the appliance starts and runs for only a few seconds, turns off, and if it goes on like this, your AC is short cycling. If this happens, it will take a long time to create the desired temperature which will ultimately spike the electricity bill. 

This problem can be caused due to many factors including control board issues, a jammed air filter, diminished refrigerant levels. Central air conditioning services in Dearborn will inspect everything to identify the problem. 

  1. You can hear strange noises from the air conditioner

If the noise is something other than the usual whirring noise of its condenser fan, it’s time for an inspection. You’ll hear clunking noises if the internal components in the machine are loose or there’s something stuck in it. Otherwise, if you are getting squealing or squeaking noises, most probably there’s a broken or loose belt. 

After all, you’re no mechanic and might make mistakes while identifying the noises. So the right solution for you is to hire central air conditioning services in Dearborn.

  1. Your air conditioner is blowing warm air

Your air conditioner had one job, and if it fails to cool a room, it is definitely time for a repair. This mostly happens due to issues in the condenser. Your air conditioner’s condenser could be lacking refrigerant, the evaporator coil can get corrupted. As a result, it produces uncooled air. These kinds of problems could be easily fixed by a skilled technician. 

  1. Fluid leaks near the condenser

If there’s fluid leaking near the condenser, you should call an AC technician. Chances are that the fluid is the refrigerant and it’s vital for the AC’s operation. If your condenser is completely empty of refrigerant, the machine won’t be able to produce cool air. This happens because the refrigerant pipes get punctured. The refrigerant pipe connects the condenser with the respective house. Getting punctured is nothing surprising as the refrigerant line is exposed to all corrosive elements like the wind, rain, snow, and heat. Apart from these natural elements, the pipe can easily get punctured if a rock accidentally falls on it from a distance. 

  1. The AC takes longer to respond

When a temperature change is made on the thermostat, the condenser should start working within 30 seconds. If you think that the interval is pretty longer than 30 seconds, you should call for central air conditioning services in Dearborn

If this is the case, then the problem lies with the thermostat or the thermostat’s sensors. The wiring in the thermostat could get damaged or the thermostat sensors could simply be dirty and it needs to be cleaned. 

  1. You smell foul odors from the air conditioner 

It’s pretty obvious to you that your cooling machine needs a checkup if you can smell foul odors. Yes, there could be several reasons for an inorganic electronic device to release foul odors. But, as it spends the whole time outside and the layman cannot clean the unit daily, chances are that it is infested with mold. 

Where there’s moisture, mold will likely grow. If the AC receives moisture, mold will eventually appear in it and its air ducts. 

  1. It takes much longer to obtain the desired temperature than before

Does your air conditioner take hours to give you the desired temperature so you can get comfortable? Most likely, the airflow is getting blocked. If your central air conditioning system has not been maintained for a while, dust and debris will build inside the air vents. This restricts the airflow, as a result, you get only a fraction of the cooled air it produces. 

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