When will StarCraft 3 be playable?

StarCraft 3: If you have never used this game or have not heard of it, we are going to give you a few brushstrokes so that you can know what it is about.

Will there be StarCraft III?

It is one of the most popular games in the world, a merit that it has managed to maintain throughout its 20-year history .

In 1998 the first battle to be waged between the different parties to this conquest of space came to light. Due to his triumph, Bizzard released a second edition of the saga . This managed to open a hole in the hearts of the players and quickly became a mass success. This made the second part of the game had two extensions.

Legacy of the Void has been the last extension of the game , and as they assure from the company, this is the one that closes the saga. Despite the fact that users are clamoring for a third part of the game to exist, the development team is not planning to make a new installment. Although it is not ruled out that the universe created by StarCraft could give rise to a new game that is independent of the previous ones.

From the company they do not want to continue stretching the content , since they believe that it is not necessary. In 2018, StarCraft 2 underwent its last modification, the free remastered version appeared so that new users could get closer to the game.

In addition, it included new cooperative missions and content, which were a breath of fresh air for this classic. With this, from the brand they were looking for those players who had stopped playing to return when they felt encouraged by these novelties.

Fans are looking forward to the release of the new StarCraft 3 . The main problem is that, for now, nothing is known about this new installment. Many fans thought that the moment was 2018, the year in which the twentieth anniversary of its first edition was celebrated, but it was not like that, for now you will have to settle for the two installments that Bizzard offers .

What is StarCraft?

StarCraft is one of the most popular sagas in professional video game leagues. It is a real- time strategy game based on a military science fiction story.

It has always been closely related to Chess, since it is necessary to establish a very well structured strategy in order to achieve your goal. Unlike Chess, in StarCraft there are no turns and you will have freedom of movement. In addition, you must be very aware of the means at your disposal and how you use them in order to achieve the final objective.

The game is set in the future of the 26th century in which three different species are fighting to gain control of the Koprulu Sector, one of the farthest corners of the Milky Way.

The confrontation occurs between the Terrans , who are humans who have been exiled from Earth, the Zerg , who are alien insects seeking genetic perfection, and the Protoss , humanoids with special abilities and highly advanced technology.

Because it is a game that is already years old, the graphics are a bit poor for today’s demands, so many players give up starting because they are used to better graphics on more powerful computers . But don’t worry, if you want to play, because the developer released a remastered version in 2017 so you can enjoy the original story. The new version allows multiplayer mode.

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