Why Employee Computer Monitoring Apps Are Better For Management

The new world demands new definitions of work; increasing output with constant results is the norm of the business world. Especially after the pandemic, the work environment changed, many people prefer now to work remotely. This great work from the home experiment has caused a divide in the industry, some of the old school directors and CEO think it’s a big NO to still work from home and it affects the business performance. On the other hand, many studies have proved that 5% of employees’ performance is increased after they started working remotely because they can save time on commuting and are less tired from it. Many workers are now actively looking for jobs that offer this new settlement and are ready to leave the jobs that do not offer such flexibility. This hybrid working model poses many new questions, will all the employees be able to work efficiently and continuously from their homes as they did in the office.

As a business owner, I constantly need to look out for solutions to improve the performance and progress of my company. During the pandemic, I thought about this issue and then came up with the solution which works best for both me and my employees. The main concern of remote working is to make sure that the task assigned to team members are done timely and completely. To make this a successful process, I used employee computer monitoring software. That was the best choice, and it helped me quite a lot in a time of crisis. I used the Ogymogy spy app for monitoring employees. 

The company devices are with every team member, and after informing them, my IT team installed the app on every computer. The OgyMogy app has many features which can help me to keep a check on them and the work they are assigned.

  1.  Remotely Take Screenshots Of target devices: To make sure the employees are not wasting any time and completing the work hours, I can take screenshots of the computer any time. This can be done from anywhere, whether they are in the office or at home, I can access their device remotely and look up the work they currently do.
  2. Keystroke Logging Monitoring: Technology comes far from the old days, except for going through all the emails and documents one by one and then finding the one I needed, I can use keystroke search. By using this feature any desired data I want to check can be opened from all the devices and I do not need to contact every person to get what is needed. 
  3. Block Malicious Websites: Many websites do not provide authentic data and present biased work. These websites often have wrong stats which can affect the data reports of projects. To steer clear of such a fraudulent website Ogymogy came as a saviour. By using the Ogymogy software, I can block those websites and make the results and reporting more authentic for my clients.
  4. GPS location: It is also one of the very useful features of this software. If my employees are moving around rather than working at the destination they have informed, I can catch them in the act. This software provides GPS location with both current ones and also saves the history of where the device had been in the past.
  5. Track browsing history: While working on the internet, we often stray from the task at hand. To make more productive work, I have to make sure the members of my team are not wasting their time on social media platforms, or streaming webtoons. To check the progress of their time I can look up the browsing history and make an informed decision about their work. This can also be used to predict the attention span of employees working hours, so that helped me in making a better working schedule for them to tap their maximum potential.

To achieve the set goals, whole teamwork as a unit, one should appreciate the hard work of a team. Any business should have open communication and make sure to not overstep any boundaries to hurt the feelings of employees. It is important to inform them about spy monitoring apps so they don’t feel threatened.

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