Why Power BI is important?

Power BI comprises a set of structures, processes, and tools that transform raw data into useful and insightful information that drives profitable business decisions. It facilitates fact-based, logical decisions by looking at historical data instead of making assumptions. This is why a majority of companies are making use of BI tools to present the data. As more companies switch towards these programs, the demand for Power BI skilled professionals is constantly growing.

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Power BI Career Opportunities

In the preceding section, Business intelligence has shaped the ability of businesses to make decisions that allow them to make the most appropriate decisions for their businesses and ultimately grow more. Of many BI instruments, Power BI has emerged as the top choice for business analytics. There is a huge need for experts with Power BI Certification in the majority of MNCs as well as larger firms.

The most important thing is data. It’s the best resource that can help companies make the most effective decisions about future business strategies and growth. In today’s highly data-driven business world, it is essential to study patterns, statistics, numbers, and data prior to making any decision. Every business has to handle a lot of information on a regular basis; therefore, it’s impossible to study the data by hand. This is why entrepreneurs prefer using the most effective tools for monitoring data to see a 360-degree view of their data and make the necessary actions to grow.

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The key benefits and features that Microsoft Power BI offers comprise:

The Q&A feature.
Sometimes, the most efficient method to obtain an answer to your information is to ask an inquiry by using natural language. And this is exactly the function Q&A lets users use, making it the most frequently mentioned benefit of getting Self-Service Business Intelligence.

Reports, dashboards, and data sets are the core of Power BI.
Users can design customized dashboards that blend on-premises data and cloud-born data into one view, allowing users to keep track of the most important data they have enterprise broad and across all their business applications.

The ability to easily integrate BI and analytics within the application to provide Interactive reports, as well as geo-maps powered by Bing maps.

Through SQL Analysis Services for Server on-premises as well as Azure analysis services available in the cloud, clients are able to create robust, reusable models of data, which allows for reliable reporting and analysis.

Power BI is available in three distinct National cloud-based data centers that each offer the same levels of security and privacy as well as transparency, compliance, and security as the worldwide Power BI version.

The ability to connect to virtually every application and data source (literally hundreds of choices) regardless of whether the resources are on the cloud or on-premises. A few examples are Excel spreadsheets GitHub, Mail Chimp, SharePoint, and Google Analytics.

A small number of engineering resources are required to run Power BI. In some cases, you don’t require any engineering resources at any point. Managers just need to make the API Key and connect it to the program. If your business already runs Microsoft software (such as Office 365), using Power BI will feel natural because it can be easily integrated into Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams.

The Power BI is user-friendly. Even the most basic users will appreciate its easy to learn curve.

Quick turnarounds and low cost. Through the analysis of the most up-to-date information, companies can make educated decisions about the markets that are growing and which are not performing. Additionally, the company retains control of the data for all time and can conduct the analysis within the company to save money.

In constant development. The Power BI product is updated every month with new functions and features.


Microsoft has been working hard on its software to ensure that applications such as Power BI are rich in features, have similar features as well as full compatibility with each other. Concerning Power BI, the app is designed to generate intelligent visualizations based on business information, assisting your decision-making process. Power BI Pro provides the ability to produce graphical visualizations of data in separate or collaborative environments that can be shared among employees.

Embeddable attributes

Power BI makes sure that users can integrate analytics and BI with ease by allowing your staff to build interactive reports and visualization of geo-maps. With its clear integrations into the business environment, Power BI also enables your users to generate accurate reports and analyses through dashboards, reports, and datasets. Each of these can be made most of your company’s requirements.

Key function

Drag-and-drop technology means that your employees can create reports that are custom-designed for your needs quickly. Additionally, the ability to drill down into visualizations of data allows users to simply choose and open data that is noticeable to gain a greater understanding of the situation. The use of Power BI’s natural language queries eliminates the requirement for users to learn a complicated query language. Together, they provide a variety of features that improve the self-service capabilities of your users.

Accessibility to the internet is superior.

Power BI has the ability to run remote apps that run on various internet-connected devices and platforms, i.e., Android, iOS, and Windows devices, which allows you to enjoy a more advanced user experience.

Desktop reports that are already in use are easily modified to be adapted to these smaller forms for landscape. The app’s user-friendliness is enhanced by its capability to work with a variety of cloud-based software and advanced data services like Cortana. With its easy-to-use visual functions, your users don’t require professional training while using the application. Assuring that the learning of your employees is quick and concise.


An array of data sources are available, including sales data gathered in CRM or financial data from ERP. Power Bi lets you use on-premise Azure cloud and other third-party data sources within one simple-to-use application. This lets you create exciting and new datasets using various data sources.

However, even though connectivity can be vast, however, you can rest assured it is secure. Power BI has continuously improved security methods in line with international security specifications.


With the speed at which technological advancements are taking place, Microsoft has decided to invest in enhancing power BI capabilities Power BI in the long run. In particular, the application responds to customers’ needs through large compatibility with software. This means that the application can be powerful enough to combine various data sources into specific datasets, allowing you to make reports.


Regular updates guarantee the fact that Power BI sees regular monthly updates. The proposed new functionality is considered and implemented within the Power BI core.

As Power BI’s Power BI community grows, you can rest assured that the support channels for Power BI will grow as well. Gain more ideas on how you can make the most of the software and app.

Refreshing data

There aren’t all data sources that allow live querying. Therefore how can you be sure that you’re seeing the most recent edition of your information? Power BI has this covered by permitting you to refresh your data cache up to 8 times per day using Power BI Pro and up to 48 times per day using Power BI Premium.

The straightforward utilization of Power BI’s data cache allows an easy and quick report deployment while also allowing flexibility to have the data refreshed according to to set times that are suited to the requirements of the business, all within one tool.


Power BI has two versions. The base version is Power BI Pro, which offers all the functions within the Azure cloud at a very low monthly cost per user.

If you require thousands of customers to be able to access the reports or be capable of refreshing the data over eight times per day, there’s the Power BI Premium. Power BI Premium costs more. However, you don’t require more Power BI Pro licenses, and you also get an exclusive Node (compute resource) in Azure which allows you to respond more quickly to your company’s needs.

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Rapid breakdown of the information

Access to easily digestible data means that your Power BI users are able to make even more informed decisions when responding to business requirements.

For instance, the data displayed in the app can be formatted to determine the markets that are performing below, above, or above your expectations. This can result in useful insights that can improve your business’s competitiveness.

There are many tools for monitoring data; Power BI has emerged as the leader in the field of Data Visualization as well as Business Intelligence. In Gartner’s 2019 Business Intelligence and Analytics report, Power BI from Microsoft Power BI has been placed in the No.1 position due to its outstanding selling experience and the high level of customer satisfaction.

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