Why rent a portable sink?

When hosting an event, you need to rent a lot of equipment and services. Among all, portable sinks have become the exclusive necessity in all kinds of huge outdoor events. These highly portable and adaptable appliances can be installed in every kind of terrain which helps to maintain basic hygiene. A portable sink comes with all convenient features including running water, soap dispensers, and paper towels. 

Among several other purposes that a portable sink can be used for, these mobile appliances are often coupled with portable restroom rentals. Planning a major outdoor event is a great deal of work and one needs to supervise a lot of things. Therefore, it is easy to slip a thing or two. But figuring out how to supply running water in the event should not be forgotten. Besides hygiene, there are several beneficial reasons why you should rent a portable sink for your event. 

Types of portable sinks 

Before jumping into the utilities and advantages of a portable sink, let’s explore the common types of portable sinks available. There are two types of portable sinks available that can be used for handwashing purposes. These two vary in terms of features thus each has its own specialty and use cases. They are:

1. Foot pump hand washing sink

The foot pump handwashing sink is very popular and quite commonly used in large events. Chances are, if you have been to an outdoor rock concert, you have seen or even used one. Stomp on the foot pump to pour out clean water every time you want to want to wash your hands. Basic amenities like paper towels and handwashing soap dispensers are bundled with the device. 

2. Portable handwashing basins

This product is very similar to a standard indoor handwashing sink and is larger than the foot pump hand washing sink. The portable handwashing basins come with an adequately large supply tank and a storage unit. 

Some models have the option to produce hot water. Such models have a water heater installed within them and need an electrical supply to function. Events that include food preparation may need warm water. These models are also very useful in regions having colder climates and in winters. 

So why do I need to rent a portable sink for the event?

Till now, you have learned about the two types of commonly used portable sinks. As people are a bit inclined to maintain hygiene nowadays, such portable handwashing solutions can maximize attendance at your event. Thus, you and your vendors are the main beneficiaries of this investment. The reasons to rent a portable sink are listed below:

One person can influence their whole group

A group or squad of close college friends is inseparable. There’s always one person in a group or a family who can convince their whole group to stay or leave. You don’t want these people to get disappointed with the messed-up hygiene at your event. Imagine if a group of guests is disappointed with the hygiene of restroom facilities and five or more people leave at the same time. 

Rent a portable sink for such grand outdoor events so that the guests can clean up the sticky hands of their kids or rinse off after an oily meal. Making them feel more comfortable and clean means they are going to spend a little more time at the event. 

Portable sinks are needed to clean up after eating 
Are you hosting a food festival or does your event involve food that requires people to use their hands? An event like a wedding or an anniversary certainly involves a grand lunch buffet. People attending events like food truck festivals and rib festivals are bound to get their hands sticky and dirty which a thin paper napkin cannot suffice. To allow your guests to consume more of the tasty food and take care of their small ones in good hygiene, rent a portable sink for the event.  

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